The Mirror

Unique was a very rich 15 years old child who had no brothers or sisters. Even though she was rich her life was boring, she spends all her time at home. No one wanted to play with her because they all thought she was weird but soon her life is about to change when she enters a new world...


3. Unique

Years had passed and soon everything changed.
The mirror got very old and rusty, so they decided to sale it to someone.
An poor old lady decided to buy it for a very cheap price, Fiona and Tie wanted to sale it higher but they felt so sorry for the old lady, so decided to sale it to her.
"Thank you very much" the short old lady smiled.
Her dimples were so deep that her wrinkles would show under her blind eyes. Yes, she was blind, it certainly left a lot of curious questions in Fiona and Tie's mind.

The basket was washed away in the ocean along with the necklace.
They sold all they're old furniture and antiques and gave it away to people for a cheap price.
You see, they were planning to move to a differen't home. Some where much more cosier and warm, they wanted to live a normal live for once and get away from fame.

Unique on the other hand, has now grown into a beautiful 15 year old young lady.
She had very pale flawless skin, dark ocean blue eyes, sky blue wavey hair and strawberry red lips.Half of her hair was clipped and she wore a beautiful head band that went around her head, it was covered with different coloured daisies and had small diamonds on each one of them.
She wore a modern western, blue, long sleeve, chiffon embroidered, dress.
Along with a multilayer, ruffled bow, cotton, black, lolita long Skirt. Her skirt had a small black bow behind it and she wore two leather, high heel, dark red sandals, with two big flowers at the front of it.

Unique went to many differen't schools. She was magnificently the most beautiful and most mysterious in all the schools she went to. Even though Unique is a very kind and understanding person, she didn't have very many friends. Everyone was afraid to go near her and was too jealous of her beauty. She tried her best to fit in but everyone seemed to ignore her.
Unique has never once smiled after that. All she had was her sad expressions and doll that she played with all day in her room. Most people didn't care because they thought since she's rich she'd have plenty of friends for her to show off all her rich stuff but really, Unique's life was boring.

They now live in Scotland, in a little cottage near loch ness.
It took them 8 months to fully get used to the place. Now they've been living there for 3 years and 4 months. Everything still felt abit new to them though.

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Unique! Happy birthday to you!" the guests sang.
Unique blew all 15 pink and purple stripped candles that was placed on top of the double layer chocolate cake. Everyone cheered and danced and laughed. There were approximately 62 guests, there would usually be more than 62 guests, 100 or 200 guests but since they only celebrated Unique's birthday in they're house and outside they're big garden, there wasn't enough space for more people.
Unique sat in a red silky chair, whilest every boy lined up to give her a present.
"Happy birthday, Unique" says a boy that had a very posh accent.
The boy had dark red and ginger hair, that was brushed behind his ears and over his head.
He knelt down with his right leg up and left foot down. And kissed Unique on her right hand.
Then slowly stood up and gave her the present.
"Thank you" she replied, as she slowly moved her hand away from the boy.
"Please, call me William Rose" he smiled, looking directly into Unique's blue eyes.
"It's nice to meet you, William" Unique replied without a smiled.
William started to nervously scratch his head as he stood still.
Everyone was still waiting behind him.
"William?" Unique said, lifting one eyebrow up.
"Y-yeah?" William nervously replies.
"Will, you please kindly move, other people are waiting too" Unique said.
"Oh sorry"
As Wiliam nervously walked away, another boy came with a big happy smile.
There were 50 boys waiting for her. Soon people began to leave as the party almost ended.
It was now half past 11, there were only a few people left.

"Thank you" Unique says for the 49th time. The boy then suddenly left.
There was only one boy left. He was wearing a black cloak that hid his face.
Then he slowly stepped forward, as his shoes mysteriously clicked as it touched the floor.
After he took ten steps he then stopped and stood still for a moment.
"Um... Hello?" Unique says, moving her head to try and see the boy's face.
The boy slowly bow down and slowly held his hand up. Unique couldn't help but notice that he was holding something in his hands.
Could it be another present? She wondered.
"For you, your highness" the boy said.
Unique slowly took the rectangular box from the boy's hands.
It was wrapped in gold silky paper. On top of it was a red envelop. It had a waxed red stamp on it with a symbol of the crown.
"To princess Unique Que" Unique read it out loud.
"Que? But that's not my surname" she added.
She began to feel abit confused, then she looks up to ask the boy a question but he suddenly vanished in thin air. Unique stood up and looked around for the boy but he was no where to be found.

"Good bye, it was a pleasure to have you as our guests" Fiona smiled, as Tie stood beside her.
Soon everyone left and the house almost felt empty. It was now 12:10am.
Unique had just changed into her long, nightgown and went straight to bed.
She was sitting up in her bed with her dovie over her legs. She stared at that one box that the mysterious boy gave her. Unique still hasn't unwrapped the wrapper yet.
Then her parents knocked and went inside her room. Unique quickly hid her present under her pillow.
"Hello honey" Fiona smiled, slowly sitting beside her. Unique tried to act natural infront of her parents.
"So, did you enjoy your birthday?" Tie asked.
"Yes, father" she hesitate to reply.
Tie and Fiona noticed that she was still not smiling. They both looked at eachother with concern sad faces.
"Will let you go to sleep now, honey" her mother replied, slowly standing up.
"Good night, sweetheart" Tie added, slowly closing the door.

Unique slowly took the box from under her pillow. She stared at it for a moment.
Then slowly unwrapped it, inside was a gold rectangular box with blue small stars around it.
Unique was about to open it when she suddenly notice a lock on it.
She knew she needed a key to open it but where is the key?
Then she remembered the envelop she recived from the boy. Unique then opened the envelop and found a small silver key along with a sliver card. She gently took the silver card from the envelop.
"Take with good care or shall suffer the end" Unique read.
"Or shall suffer the end?" She asked to herself.

Using the key she gently opened the box. All of a sudden a bright light appeared from the box. Unique of course couldn't see anything and dropped the box...
Soon the light disappeared. And Unique slowly opened her eyes.
She looked down to where the box fell. Then...
"Oh my" she surprisingly gasped.
That's when Unique noticed the beautiful necklace.
Now she knew what was in the box but one question still remains in her mind...
Who was that boy?
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