The Mirror

Unique was a very rich 15 years old child who had no brothers or sisters. Even though she was rich her life was boring, she spends all her time at home. No one wanted to play with her because they all thought she was weird but soon her life is about to change when she enters a new world...


2. The other world...

Soon the basket landed on top of someone's bed. There was a mirror next to the bed and it was gold and had jewels around it with different colours. The whole room sparkled for a moment then stopped when the handle on the door slowly turned. The door slowly opened. Then a foot stepped forward. A young lady suddenly appeared carrying an heavy basket filled with clean fancy clothes.
She didn't seem to notice that there was another basket.
Then she slowly placed her basket down on the floor and slowly folded the clothes neatly and tidally. She placed it in the big wardrobe still not noticing the other basket.
Suddenly the door opened and another young lady came. She had a long white, fancy dress that looked very expensive. She wore diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. Her hair was beautifully tied up and she had daisies around her head. Her body was nice and slim and perfect. The lady was naturally beautiful, she had no make up on.
"Excuse me Sophie, may I come in?" she politely asked.
Sophie was one of the maids in the house, she had very thick brown hair. She was the shortest maid out of all the other made. Sophie was slow to do her job but she always ends up finnishing everything, neatly and tidely without a mess.
"Sure, mam, of course you can come in mam" she replied.
"Thank you" the lady smiled.
The lady was called Fiona Smith Doll, she was a very rich lady. Her mother and her father was a billionaire but they both sadly died in a plane crash. So now Fiona is married to a very handsome and rich man as well, named Tie Ally Smith.
Tie used to live in a poor developing country but his perants were very kind and polite. They're kindness brought Tie to Fiona who fell for Tie just after Tie fell for her.
Tie had a jet black hair with ocean blue eyes. He had a beautiful smile and perfect shinney teeth.
Both Fiona and Tie lived in a very big mansion with three stairs and a very big garden with a very big swimming pool.
They had no kids and the mansion felt abit lonely without any kids around.
Fiona and Tie were hoping and praying that they'd have a very special child some day.

Fiona was just about to take her earrings off using the mirror when she suddenly noticed a basket on her bed. She was very confused and you could tell that she was by her expression.
"Sophie, is this your basket?" Fiona asked, pointing at the basket. Sophie turned around and looked at the basket in confusion. "Em... No mam, I didn't notice that basket was on your bed" she replied, sratching her head. Fiona slowly reached her hand to wards the basket, wondering what's inside. Then she slowly pulled it opened...
"Oh my goodness!" She supprisingly cried, placing her hands on her mouth.
In that basket was the baby smiling and giggling.
Soon Tie rushed in to see what was going on.
"What's wrong dear?" He curiously asked. Fiona was speechless and didn't know what to say.
Tie moved towards Fiona and saw the baby.
"Who's baby is this?" Tie asked, looking at Sophie.
"It's not my baby, sir, we just found her there" she explained.
"Is this true?" Tie calmly asked Fiona who was very supprised and shocked. Fiona nodded her head. "Ok, you just stay here and take care of the baby, Sophie you come with me. We won't be long dear" Tie said.
As both Sophie and Tie ran down stairs, Fiona was left with the baby.
She slowly sat next to the basket as she stared at the innocent baby. The baby looked at her and smiled so innocently. Fiona began to feel a little sorry for the baby and smiled back.
Even though she was alittle scared, she gently picked up the baby.
They both stared at eachother for a moment. The baby's smile suddenly faded and a curious looked slowly appeared in her eyes. Fiona checked to see if there was anything left in the basket. The necklace was in the basket but Fiona couldn't see the necklace because it was invisible to her eyes. Only the baby could see the necklace.
"Hello" Fiona smiles, gently shaking the baby in her arms.
Fiona couldn't help but notice that the baby had light blue hair. The baby's blonde and white hair suddenly changed to light blue hair as she entered the other world.
Tie and Sophie came back with news.
Fiona slowly stood up expecting to here the news.
"We'ev called every newspaper reporters in the world to help them search for the missing baby's parents" Tie explained, taking deep breaths in and out.
"You can cancel the news reporters' help, dear" she replied, holding the baby abit tight.
"What? Why? This baby doesn't belong to us, we can't keep it" he cried.
"Well I don't trust those strangers out there, who knows they could pretend to be the baby's parents just to probably try and steal our money. They might even harm the innocent baby" she replied, defending the baby. Tie could not believe what he was hearing.
"No, that won't happened because first able. We'll have the doctors coming in here for DNA tests and seconable we have our security guards here and cameras, so that'll be impossible for anyone to do that" Tie explained. Deep down Fiona knew that Tie was right but she just couldn't give up on the baby and knew what she had to do.
"No! I will not let you take 'my' baby away! Tie you just don't understand, she was probably brought here for a purpose or a reason, we we're probably ment to take this precious baby and take care of her. I don't care what she is or how different she looks, she's still a human being to me and is my child now!" Fiona cried.
Tie stared at the baby with anger in his eyes. The baby looked directly at him and began to frown.
Then Tie sighed and finally agreed to keep the baby. Fiona was so happy and pleased.
They decided to cancel the news reporters' help and was happy to keep the baby.
"What should we name her, dear?" Fiona asked. Tie starred at the baby's blue hair and ocean blue eyes.
"Well, she's born with blue hair, she's different from the rest of the babies out there and she's... She's certainly unique" Tie replied.
"Maybe we should name her... Unique" Fiona smiled. Tie also liked the name and was happy to name the baby Unique.

They were very good parents and the baby returned they're kindness by not screaming or crying but smiling and laughing.
Time went passed and the baby grew bigger and stronger. They did not know when she was born so they made her birthday up instead but that date wasn't made up it was her real birthday. Every year as they both celebrated Unique's birthday, the king and queen from the other world watch Unique grow into a beautiful young adult.
The king and queen didn't have very much to live anymore in the other world, they slowly began to grow old and turn into dust.
You see they were trapped in a giant glass ball and was guarded by an evil dragon, who stole they're thrown and now ruled over they're world Lou-pay-nia 'Loupaynia'.

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