The Mirror

Unique was a very rich 15 years old child who had no brothers or sisters. Even though she was rich her life was boring, she spends all her time at home. No one wanted to play with her because they all thought she was weird but soon her life is about to change when she enters a new world...


4. Stepping through the mirror

It was a rainy night and a thundery night.
Unique was struggling to go to sleep.She kept changing her position by moving spontaneously around. BANG!! The thunder roars louder than any sound in the world.
"AAHH!!!" Unique terrifiedly screams, falling off her bed.
BANG!! The thunder roars again.

Unique quickly hides under the table covering her ears. BANG!!!
She starts closing her eyes. The whole house was shaking, the ceiling started having tiny cracks along with the walls. Then all of a sudden her windows opened by the strong winds.
As the wind blew and the thunder grew louder, the dead leaves blowing from the twisted trees, a dark shadow appears. It grew bigger and bigger as it came closer and closer.
It's shape grew clearer to Unique's eyes but it's features were still a mystery to her eyes.

BANG!!! The shadow was distracted from the thunder.
All of a sudden a hand came out of no where and grabbed Unique's arm.
"Come on!" It whispered loudly, also grabbing the gold box. Unique was unable to see the mysterious figure's face. The figure was wearing a cloak just like the mysterious boy from her party. They both ran outside as fast as they could. Unique had no idea where they were going and what was going on. They reached the dark woods, the wind grew stronger and stronger. BANG!!! The thunder angerly roars, trying to stop them.

Unique got frightened and suddenly tripped falling into the mud.
The shadow was right behind them, the figure stopped and noticed the giant shadow.
"Take this and go" the figure cried, quickly helping Unique up. The figure gave Unique the box.
"What's going on?" Unique curiously asked.
"We'll talk about this some other time, now go!" The figure cried again pushing Unique away.
Then he pulled his silver sword from his sleeves and ran bravely towards the dark shadow.

Unique watch the figure fade. Then BANG!! The trees suddenly began to go on fire.
She ran as fast as she could, tightly holding the box.
The ragging wind blew through her wavey messy hair, her feet were covered with mud as it splashed on her nightgown. The branches of the trees hit her arms as she pushed the branches away.
Without a sign she suddenly reached the end of a cliff. Her wide and shocked eyes looked down the cliff. Of course the cliff was very high and all there was down there was nothing but a smoke of foggy air. Unique had no where to go now. She had reached the end. All she could do was hope for the nightmare to end.

All of a sudden the box shined and sparkled almost causing Unique to go blind. Then Unique stepped back without a second thought.
"AAHH!!!" Her scream echos as she falls straight down.
The box strangely stopped shinning, then out of no where the figure appears and hugs Unique tightly. He could tell that Unique was very scared. She couldn't even open her eyes.
Then the figure spontaneously kissed her on the lips making Unique's eyes open. The box began to shine again. 'What's happening?' Unique thought. This time Unique was unable to close her eyes. Out of no where something flew towards them and catches them saving them from death...

Everything was pitched black. There was no sound. No thunder nor wind. Black was the only colour Unique could see. Soon she began to hear her own breath. Voices from her head suddenly appeared. "Hello?" Was the sound the continuously echoed her mind. 'Hello?' She thought to herself.
'What's going on?'
"Everything is going to be ok" the voice echos again. Unique slowly opens her eyes. Everything was blurry, she could only see bright colous and a blurry shape of a mirror.
Then everything went black again as she blinked, the blurry mirror came clearer and closer as she blinks. It was as if the lights kept turning off and on as the figure came closer.

"Hold on!" A voice cried, taking one step towards the mirror. Unique could feel the mirror's power going through her body. Then someone gently carried her and jumped through the mirror.
All Unique could see was a long rainbow tunnel. Suddenly her hair began to change colours and turned white. Her nightgown changed into a short, navy blue, strapless dress. Unique's feet sparkled and blue shoes suddenly appeared.

Unique's eyes was wide enough to see what was going on and she could not believe it at all.
Soon they reached the end of the tunnel. Everything was black. And they could hear the spirits voices. 'Be ware' the spirits whispered softly into Unique's ear. 'Be ware' it whisperes again.
Faces of the ghosts appeared through the tunnel. They're faces were very old and wrinkley, they had no pupils in they're eyes.
'Turn back' a voice behind whisperes. Unique felt so scared and confused.
"Don't worry, I'm right beside you" the mysterious figure said, comforting her and continuing to carry her through.

Unique could see the ghost behind them. It was a very skinny and pale lady, half of her face was covered with flesh, the other had no flesh. The more Unique blinked the more it came closer. The ghost's clothes were ripped and covered with blood and her hair was falling off. She was wearing a wedding dress and was holding dead roses.

"That's the bride who got stuck here and got abandon from her husband" the boy explains.
"Who are you? Where are we?" Unique replies.
"We are walking pass the dead's tunnel" he explains.
"Wh-where are we going?" Unique asks, turning her head back to the ghost.

Then all of a sudden the ghost's face was up close, it had no flesh anymore and no eyes, blood was dripping from where it's eyes used to be.
"AHH!!!" Unique terrifiedly screams.
The mysterious boy then turns around and using his sword cuts the ghost in half.
SPALSH! The blood went every where.

"You should just ignore the ghosts, pretend they are not there because if you don't they'll smell the fear from you" he explains, putting his black hood up.
Unique could almost see the boy's face but it was still too dark...
"Why are they stuck here?" She curiously asked.
"It's because they have un finish business and is looking for a new live body to enter"
"Did someone trapped them here?"
"It's for me to know and for you to find out" he rudely replies.
Unique couldn't understand why the mysterious boy replied that way and thought she did something wrong.
Soon a bright light appears and soon they reached the other world...
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