The Mirror

Unique was a very rich 15 years old child who had no brothers or sisters. Even though she was rich her life was boring, she spends all her time at home. No one wanted to play with her because they all thought she was weird but soon her life is about to change when she enters a new world...


5. Loupaynia

"Where am I?" Unique says, rubbing her head.
She was struggling to open her eyes and see, so she began to rub her eyes hoping that'll make her see better. She slowly sat up, scratching her white head.

The ground was gold and the sky was orange. The sun was light blue with diamonds stuck to it.
Some trees were purple with pink polka dots and some were red with green polka dots, it's branches were curled into a big letter 'C' and at the end of the branches were silver little balls.
There were different kind of flowers on the ground, all with differen't colours colours that Unique had never seen before. This was like a dream for Unique except it felt so real.

She slowly stood up and began to wonder through the land.
Birds flew pass her with rainbow feathers, yellow flowers began to sing as she walked pass...
"La, lala lala lala" they sang almost sounding like an angel.
The air smelt fresh like air freshene or perfrume or roses, basically all the type of good smell she smelt before. Then clouds flew pass very slowly, the clouds looked more like fluffy cotton candy.
Soon she reached a long, light blue, sparkling bridge.

A yellow river that had rainbow bubbles coming out from it, floated smoothly and calmly under the bridge. Unique slowly walked over the bridge and leaned over the edge.
SPLASH!!! A fish jumped out of no where and squirts water on her face. Yes indeed the yellow river had turned into neutral water as it enters the fish's mouth.
"Oh!" Unique shouts, stepping back. Her face was dripping with water but luckily she didn't swallow any because it would've poison her and killed her within 1 minute.

Pretending nothing ever happened she continue her journey.
Suddenly she reached a 10 foot long green gate. There was a big golden sign at the top of it, it was surrounded with green roots that curled around the sign, where red roses grew.
The sign read...
'Welcome to Loupaynia'

Thoughts randomly began to fill Unique's mind. She was sure she herd that word before but just can't remeber. The gate slowly began to open. Unique closed her eyes just incase her eyes met another bright light. Soon the gate lead her through a very big place. Unique thought that her eyes were deceiving her when she saw what Loupaynia really looked like.

The buildings were bright and colourful, differen't shapes and differen't sizes.
One was a shape of a jelly, it had a red long slide that went round it from top to bottom.
One was a shape of a cloud and had bubbles with differen't colours coming out from it.
The other was a shape of a rainbow cake, with 7 gold candles at the top of it.

People also dressed differently and all looked unique.
Some girls wear wearing ball gowns made out of grapes, they wore big hats that was shaped like an ice creme. Others were wearing tuxedos that were made out of Christmas lights. They're hair styles were also very different compared to the human world.

Everyone there looked very happy and very friendly.
Unique received a lot of hellos from people as she walked passed them.
Loupaynia sure was strange but it was unique.
Unique started to feel very loved and almost began to smile but still wasn't there.
Then all of a sudden a shaddow grabs her from no where and covers her mouth.
"Don't scream" the voice whisperes.
Unique had no idea what to do or what was happening, the only thing she knew was that she'd have to find a way out. She lifts her foot up and kicks the figure right between his legs.

The figure fell to the floor giving Unique a lot of time to run for it.
Unique had no idea where to go but she continues to run for her life.
"Ah!" The figure cries in pain. Soon it got up and chased Unique.
"Help! Help!" She shouts, almost losing her breath.
Everyone watched her get chased by the figure and began to call the police.
The figure continued to chase Unique not caring about other people.

Then without a sign, Unique trips onto a rock and falls to the ground injuring her knees.
She was unable to get up and soon the figure caught her.
"Get away from me!" She screams, trying to hide her injured knees.
The figure slowly moved towards her but the police blocked his way.
"Put your hands up!" One shouted.
The figure stood still like a statue and slowly put his hands up.
One for the police (officer Jinx) holding his gun tight, slowly walked towards the figure.
Everyone watched as the air was filled with silience.
Slowly reaching for the handclaps in his pocket, the figure silently pulled his sword out his sleeve using his one hand.
"Everything will be alright miss" the other officer said.

WHAM!! The figure pulled his sword out and sliced the officer's gun in half.
The other officers came, holding they're guns and ready to shoot.
They all crowded the figure in a circle with they're shields held up close to they're face.
The figure slowly moved turning 180° of the circle. All guns were pointed at him and just when they were about to shoot, the figure ran up to one of them and sliced the shield in half.
BANG! BANG! BANG! The guns were loud but were unable to shoot the figure.
The sword was glowing and began to forum a shield around the figure.

Mean while, using all her strength Unique got up and walked as fast as she could to an hiding spot. She reached a gate that lead to the dark woods. A big sign read: Be ware! But the gate was fully locked and Unique didn't have enough time to unlock it, so she looked for another hiding spot.
Soon she reached an abandon mansion and spontaneously went straight in.
The doors were broken and covered with webs.
As she entered it the floor made a squicky sound. All the paints and wall papers on the walls were old and it began to peel off the wall. The stairs were unstabbled and had holes in them whilest the windows were smashed and had green fungues growing on them. There were spiders on each corner of the ceiling and cockroaches hiding between the walls. Green liquid was dripping at the sides of the ceiling and an stench of dead animals rot the whole room.

Unique had no other choice but to hide there. She slowly began to walk up the stairs.
Suddenly the stair cracked and her foot went through it.
Unique gasped with her eyes wide open as she tried to get her foot out. Then another surprise came in...
The door loudly opened as a strong wind came in. Through her eyes was a reflection of the figure who chased her. As soon as she got her foot out she ran up stairs. Her blood was dripping from her knees leaving a trail for the figure to follow.
Unique finds a dark spare room and locks her self inside. She couldn't see anything so she hides herself in a corner. Everything was dead silent.

Then she hears foot steps slowly walking on the floor. Unique could see a bit of light under the door. The sound was getting closer. Then it stops. She could see the figure's shaddow as it faced the door. Unique froze and couldn't move as the handle slowly turns. She grabs on to a random object to use as a weapon. The door slowly opens as the light enters the room.
It was as if Unique was in an horror film. Soon the door fully opens but no one was there.
Unique slowly gets up holding her weapon and without a sound walked towards the door. No one was there, the coredor was empty, it was as if no body was there.

"Go away" a voice whisperes. The voice was coming from the dark room. Unique slowly turns around to see who it was. It was a ghost of an old lady!
"Give me my head back" she screams, pointing at the head that Unique was holding.
"AHH!!!" Unique screams letting go of the head.

She runs along the coredor closing her eyes. And bumps into something as she falls to the floor.
Unique opens her eyes only to see the figure again. Before she terrifiedly screams the figure covers her mouth.
"Shh! I won't harm you" he said, slowly taking his cloak off.

The figure was a teenager. He had short emo purple hair, with dark pink stripes and dark green eyes. He had an black leather collar around his neck, his skin was as pale as snow and lips were the same colour as Unique's skin. His eyes suddenly began to change to purple when he looks at Unique face to face.

"My name is X and I've been sent here from the king and queen to guide and protect you" he explains, removing his hand away from Unique's face...

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