The Mirror

Unique was a very rich 15 years old child who had no brothers or sisters. Even though she was rich her life was boring, she spends all her time at home. No one wanted to play with her because they all thought she was weird but soon her life is about to change when she enters a new world...


1. Necklace

"NO! NO! We can't leave my baby!! No!!" The queen cried, trying to pull her way out of the guards hands. The maid was about to throw the basket through the mirror when the king stopped her.
"Wait, can we take one more look at our child before she goes" the king said.
The maid slowly placed the basket down and stepped back. The guards slowly let go of the queen and let her run to her baby.
They both looked at they're child with sad eyes one more time. The baby was a wake and looked so happy and innocent. The baby had beautiful blue eyes, that always reminded her mother of the sea, she also had very thin white hair with some blonde init. She was no ordinary baby, she possed a very powerful power which she will soon find out how to use it.
Her mother slowly raised her hands up to reach out for something, it was the necklace she was wearing. The necklace was pure gold, it had small diamonds all over it and sparkled brighter than the stars, it wasn't too short and it wasn't too long it was just the perfect length for anyone to wear. The topaz on the necklace was red, that represented the queen's and king's blood so that whenever the baby returned, they'd know that she's the one. She slowly took it off and placed her hands together so the necklace would be in her palms. The queen closed her eyes, two tears fell from her eyes and landed on the necklace. The necklace suddenly turned silver and the topaz magically turned blue, in they're world thoughs colours represented the other world.
Then she opened her eyes and gently tucked it at the side of her baby's basket.
"When the time has come, you will learn to use this" the queen smiled.
Soon the maid picked up the basket and threw it through the mirror.
The queen and king stood there watching they're baby go to the other world...
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