Child of the Seas

Ebony and Merry live two very different lives in separate worlds. Neither has ever considered the possibility of the other's existence. But now the bridges between the worlds are weakening.
An ancient prophecy snatches Merry from her world and brings her to Ebony. Now, the two girls must save Ebony's world from a terror as old as the prophecy, which is destroying the world and the worlds connected to it.
Countless lives and worlds are resting on the girls' shoulders... but will Ebony and Merry be able to save them?


12. Merry - 6

There was water.

Only water. All water.

And it was around me. Like in the storm.

What if I accidentally leave now? What if I can't save Erbis?

Don't think that. Calm down.

I reached out and closed my eyes. If I tried, I could feel the water, in a way I never had before. Tingling, all around me. 

My fingers brushed Ebony's shoulder. It was quiet. So quiet.

Water rushed past, but there was no sound. It was so peaceful. All I could do... all I had to do was sleep.

No, my instincts whispered. WakeWake.

Just one more minute, I pleaded.

NoListen. Wake. Wake. Now.

I suddenly realized that my instincts weren't the ones telling me to wake. It was the water, rushing in my ears.

My eyes flashed open just in time. Straight ahead of me was a huge open mouth. The mouth of the Terror, ready to feed on its next meal: me.

I shouted, "No!" and flung my hand out. The roar of the storm returned, and the Terror's jaws closed on air with a snap as the rainwater pushed Ebony and I away.

Ebony. I turned to her. She was asleep, her dark hair tossing in the wind and her pale cheeks pink from the cold.

"Ebony," I said, "Wake up."


"Please, wake up," I pleaded, shaking her.

Ebony murmured in her sleep.

"Please!" I screamed desperately. I splashed water onto her face. "Please, oh please, Ebony. Wake up..."

Tears brushed my cheeks. I barely took any notice. "Ebony, come on..." I shook her shoulder. "Please..."

I closed my eyes and stuck both my hands into the cushion of water I was floating on. Please, I thought. Please. Please.

I felt my longing course down my arms like fire. It spread into the water. Please, whispered the water. Wake. Wake. Please. Wake.

Ebony stirred. "What happened?" she mumbled.

I gave a choked squeal of relief and flung my arms around her. "You're alive," I laughed. "You're awake. We escaped. It's all right."

"We escaped... what?" she murmured, shaking water out of her eyes. "How long was I out?"

I touched her arm, and the water on my finger gave her all the knowledge she needed.

"Oh," she said, swallowing. "It was going to... eat us?"

Before I could answer, a cackle resonated from not far above us and resonated through the water surrounding me. A face loomed in front of us.

Ebony screamed. I couldn't say a word.

It was the Terror. Its face was like that of a dragon, but so much more horrible. It looked like it was made of black rock or ash. There were cracks all over his body where miniature fires blazed, just like a river of recently hardened lava which, unfortunately, hasn't completely solidified. It looked like he belonged in the depths of a volcano. He cackled again, and the sound drove into my eardrums like needles.

"Mwhahahaha!" the Terror cackled. "Silly children. You are prepared to go against me just because of some words spoken hundreds of years ago. You have no chance against me." He looked at us amusedly. "The Sea Child, from another world. And the Aglaia Odorata, beautiful poison. But at the same time, also just the name of a plant. A plant which I can so easily kill."

And with that, he grabbed us with his claws.

Ebony cried out. The fire on the Terror's front-- what would you call it? hand? paw?-- was causing her agony. I struggled and cried out, trying to reach Ebony. I didn't feel a thing. I assumed it was because of my status as the Sea Child.

But struggling was futile. I sent waves of water cascading over Ebony to ease the pain, but this was useless too. Who knew that water could have so little effect against fire?


Water against fire.

But that was before the prophecy.

Water against fire.

Now, they have me.

Water against fire.









I looked closely. Although there was water everywhere, none of it was touching the Terror.


Ebony had told me how, hundreds of years ago, the rain had had no effect on the fire the Terror had cast upon the Kingdom Castle.

But, the water might affect him.

I smiled.

I pulled all my emotions into a little ball inside me. Rage, for what the Terror had done to Ertis. Pain, for what he was doing to Ebony now. Everything else, crushed into a little ball.

It hurt.

And then I let it out.

Water, stronger than a tsunami, crashed over the Terror. He screamed, and let me go. I sailed over to Ebony on a wave. She was burned, but my water was beginning to heal her. She smiled at me. "Thank you," she whispered.

We both turned to look at the Terror. He was screaming like Ebony had, in terrible agony. I looked at her, and she looked at me. We had no qualms about what had to happen next.

"Now," I said.

Ebony put her hands on my shoulders. "Aglaia odorata," she whispered.

Beautiful poison.

It shot through my body, not harming me one jot. I directed it towards the Terror in a jet of water. It struck him with hurricane-wave force, and he screamed. Ebony and I watched him jerk until the poison consumed his body completely, vapourizing it into a million pieces. Cruel, I know, but nothing at all compared to the many ways the Terror had killed people all across Ertis.

When all the poison had been spent, Ebony and I turned to each other, smiling. We hugged each other. "We did it," I said.

Ebony laughed. "Yes, we did."

I floated us down to the village on a cushion of water. All the villages slowly came out of their houses and applauded us. It was a hero's welcome, and I was proud to share it with Ebony.

Suddenly, nausea gripped me. My stomach felt fiery hot. "Ebony--" I began, then lost my balance.

I tipped forward and crashed onto the ground. Thankfully, the cushion had come to a stop just a foot above it.

The pain began to eat away at my insides. It was horrifying.

I found the strength to turn around and look at Ebony, who was kneeling down beside me. She looked panicked.

"Ebony!" I cried. "Ebony, what's happening?"

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