Child of the Seas

Ebony and Merry live two very different lives in separate worlds. Neither has ever considered the possibility of the other's existence. But now the bridges between the worlds are weakening.
An ancient prophecy snatches Merry from her world and brings her to Ebony. Now, the two girls must save Ebony's world from a terror as old as the prophecy, which is destroying the world and the worlds connected to it.
Countless lives and worlds are resting on the girls' shoulders... but will Ebony and Merry be able to save them?


4. Merry - 2

It all began when Mom burnt lunch.

If you don't think that sounds at all unusual, you certainly haven't met my mother. She is the most perfect person you could ever meet. I am serious when I say she never makes mistakes.

Anyway, Mom burnt food for the first time in her life. She would say it's all because my brother Sadler and I were fighting and, in trying to break it up, Mom forgot about lunch. I would say it was because, after the fight, my mom went to readjust her make-up and have a cup of coffee, then somehow forgot about lunch even though it was burning to a crisp right behind her, in the oven.

So Mom, being the perfectionist, sent us both out of the room so she could clean up the mess and sort out her thoughts without us interrupting.

I was lounging around my room, listening to Lindsey Stirling on my iPod and staring idly out the window, when I heard the crack of thunder and saw the brilliant flash of lightning erupt out of the clouds at the exact same time.

Momentarily binded, I fell backwards onto my bed. I heard my brother's scream from the room opposite mine, which was drowned out by another crack of thunder.

We, I thought, never have such bad storms in the middle of winter.

What is going on?

I thought back to something Mom had told me two and a half years ago, when I was ten.

Two days after I was born, twelve and a half years ago, there was a massive storm.

Nobody throughout the entire world had ever seen anything like it. It had gone on for the entire day, all the time with massive lightning flashes and deafening thunder, the amount of which even made my mother hide under the covers. It caused an amazing amount of damage-- blackouts, fires, even deaths. It was all over the news everywhere the next day.

But the scariest thing about this storm was the monster.

In the middle of the storm, halfway through the day, there came a massive flash of lightning. And in that instant, millions of people all over the city saw a huge shape in the clouds. It was reported to have looked like a gigantic dragon. And with millions of people saying the same thing, it was pretty hard to doubt. Later, it was said, the creature could merely have been a practical joke by someone with a huge amount of technology on their hands. But who would play such a cruel trick--in the middle of a fatal and dangerous storm, as well-- and then not own up? A surprisingly great amount of people believed this theory-- although, my mother told me, they only believed it because they could not believe the alternative.

I lay on my bed, stared out into the storm and wondered if the dragon would return today.

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