Child of the Seas

Ebony and Merry live two very different lives in separate worlds. Neither has ever considered the possibility of the other's existence. But now the bridges between the worlds are weakening.
An ancient prophecy snatches Merry from her world and brings her to Ebony. Now, the two girls must save Ebony's world from a terror as old as the prophecy, which is destroying the world and the worlds connected to it.
Countless lives and worlds are resting on the girls' shoulders... but will Ebony and Merry be able to save them?


2. Merry - 1

I don't know where to start. So much has happened since I ran away from home. Becoming something amazing. Going to another world. Meeting the girl-- the girl for whom I died to protect.

I should just start from the beginning.

My name is Merry. Well, Meriel actually. But I'd rather people call me Merry.

I always knew, of course, that our world was the only one existing, despite the amount of fantasy books I read. Of course I knew that, on this one planet, there were many ways to move and speak, to smile and frown, to live and die. I knew all about the problems we had. I knew about history, geography, math and science. I loved making music and learning about art. I studied books on the human body and, using creative writing, practised my English.

I thought I knew so much.

Then I flew into another world, and everything changed. I had to learn everything all over again. All their ways to move and speak, smile and frown. All their ays to live.

And all their ways to die.

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