Child of the Seas

Ebony and Merry live two very different lives in separate worlds. Neither has ever considered the possibility of the other's existence. But now the bridges between the worlds are weakening.
An ancient prophecy snatches Merry from her world and brings her to Ebony. Now, the two girls must save Ebony's world from a terror as old as the prophecy, which is destroying the world and the worlds connected to it.
Countless lives and worlds are resting on the girls' shoulders... but will Ebony and Merry be able to save them?


14. Epilogue


So, that's my story.

A year has past, and Merry has not returned. Mendrakar has told me it could take a hundred of our years for her to come back. Earth time is different from ours. But I promised her I would see her again. Even if I was as old as Mendrakar by then.

Thanks to Merry and me, the barriers between worlds are solid again. Creatures from Ertis will never pass into Earth again. Of course, this means that, for Merry and me, it will be almost impossible.

But nothing is impossible when you're the Aglaia.

And everything is possible when you need your best friend.



So, that's my story.

When I returned to Earth, I found myself on my bed, my concerned family's face peering at me. They told me they had found me unconscious on the front porch. Only fifteen minutes had passed, but the storm had stopped. I suppose Ertis time is different from ours.

Every day since I left Ertis, 365 days ago, I have been trying to get back. But I have been unsuccessful. A few times I nearly drowned. I guess my Sea Child powers don't work here on Earth.

But I promised Ebony I would see her again. Even if I did drown during one of my attempts, I could someday see her in wherever people go when they die. After going to Ertis, the possibility of a world where dead people live doesn't seem so ridiculous.

I keep worrying that, someday, I might forget the importance of my task and give up.

But Sea Children never give up.

And they never stop fighting for the freedom to see their best friend.

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