Meeting you

Itzel wants to be a Hollister model. When she gets the job she finds out she has to go to London, UK to do a photo shot. That's when she meets One Direction. She becomes close to them. Now one of them wants to be more than friends.


5. The photo shoot

I pulled away quickly. "Sorry about that" I said. "It's ok" he answered. "Is it ok if I take you to your photoshoot?" he asked. "Sure" I answered. "But come in" I told him realizing that we were still in the hallway. As we walked in I told him that I was going to get a shower and get ready. I took a quick shower because I didn't want to keep him waiting. When I got out I decided to wear my Hollister shirt with Hollister ripped mini shirts, some sandals, my hair down with my natural curly, wavy hair and only a little eye liner. When I got out I saw Harry sitting down looking at me. "You look beautiful" he said. "thanks" I told him blushing. I looked at the clock and t was 2. "OMG we have to get moving!" He rushed to his car. When we got there my manager was mad he told me I was 30 mintes late. We got started. When I was posing Harry kept on smiling at me. When we were done Harry asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him. I said sure.
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