Meeting you

Itzel wants to be a Hollister model. When she gets the job she finds out she has to go to London, UK to do a photo shot. That's when she meets One Direction. She becomes close to them. Now one of them wants to be more than friends.


2. Party

When I got there me and my cousin (she is also a model) and some other girls went to our hotel at about 5 pm. We decided to go out for a few drinks. But before we even went to a club or bar me and my cousin decided to go shopping. We were there for hours until they closed. Since me and her had the same room we decided to try and model each other clothes. We mostly bought alot of clothes from Hollister. (we have VIP discounts). After that we went to the bar. I guess I was so excited that I dank too much. The last thing I remember was trying to open the door and then fainting.
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