Meeting you

Itzel wants to be a Hollister model. When she gets the job she finds out she has to go to London, UK to do a photo shot. That's when she meets One Direction. She becomes close to them. Now one of them wants to be more than friends.


1. Leaving

I've always wanted to be a Hollister model. Now I got the job. On my first month I find out I have to go to London, UK to do a photo shoot. Tomorrow I leave. I am so excited! Although the company is paying for the airplane tickets, hotel and food my parents still gave me some money so I can go shopping on my free time. *Next day* "Bye Mom, Dad, sis, and bro! I'll mis you so much" I told them as I was heading to my airplane. "Bye Itzel!" they shouted back. I was so nervous cause I had never been on an airplane.
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