Meeting you

Itzel wants to be a Hollister model. When she gets the job she finds out she has to go to London, UK to do a photo shot. That's when she meets One Direction. She becomes close to them. Now one of them wants to be more than friends.


8. Goodbye party

My family decided to throw me a goodbye party. I decided to wear a pink Hollister dress. I straightened my hair. And put on alittle makeup. When I came out of the bathroom Harry was waiting for me in my room. He was staying with me until we left. "wow you look gorgeous" he complimented me. "Thanks you look pretty wow you self." I told him. When we were at the party ALL my family was there. Since I have alot of cousins the party was full. We danced and talked. I introduced Harry to my family. All my little cousins that liked him asked for autograph. After a while he grabbed the microphone and said this "May I have your attention?" he asked every body looked at him. "Since I met Itzel I have ben the most happiest man alive. Now I want to ask he one question. Will you marry me?" I was shocked and I couldn't say anything a tear came down my face. Nodding my head and kissing him on the cheek he put the ring on my finger. My family clapped.
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