Meeting you

Itzel wants to be a Hollister model. When she gets the job she finds out she has to go to London, UK to do a photo shot. That's when she meets One Direction. She becomes close to them. Now one of them wants to be more than friends.


7. 6 Months later

I can't believe it has been 6 months together. Today is the day Harry comes and ask my parents if I can go with him to London to move in with him. *Later that day* *Knock knock* I hear someone singing WMYB at my door. "HARRY!" I yell with excitement. I open the door to my room. I still live with my parents because Harry and I are planning to move in together. "PRINCESS!" he yells. "I missed you so much!" We hug and then we kiss. "Sonare going to ask my parents or am I?" I asked him. "I will" he answered. We walked down stairs and then we walked in the living room where my family was. "Oh hey Harry!" they said. "Mrs, Mr" he began. "Yes darling" my mom said. "Can Itzel move with me to London and go on with me on my tours?" he contienued. My parents face where shocked. "I don't know Harry" my dad replied. "PLEASE! I promise I will take care of her. If we have a concert close to here I'll make sure that we stop bye to say hi". After a little 2 minute family meeting my parents said yes. I was so happy! So was Harry.
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