my oh so wonderful life!

haley had just met her dads girlfriend and its been 3 years since there big fight and haley decides to start a book to tell everyone what shes been through even though.


2. the fight...

it was a normal day. my dad was at work and samantha and i were fighting. At this time she was JUST my dads girlfriend!

i had forgotten what we fought about that day but to her it was soo IMPORTANT! because she still holds it against me till this day!

i forgot what made me blow up and made me so mad the only thing i remember from that day was the acctual fight and why we had started. i had told samantha outside on the front porch.i pointed dead to the road and said get the "f" out of my life!

then everything exploaded.samantha tried hitting me but she couldnt. she slapped me once and that was it.

i was mad when she hit me. at that point i had no idea what i was doing all i remeber was grabbing her by the back of her head and pulling her to the ground getting on top of her and hitting her with all the force i had.

my brother and sister both had friends over.they all knew me pretty well they knew that it took a lot to get me that mad and that for samantha it wasnt that hard!


i fought everyone who tried to pull me off of her. i remeber dakota, my brothers friend, saying let me get this outta the way and next thing i knew i heard a power drill and my door was off its hinges.

i sat the hitting, kicking, and doing anything and everything to samantha. this ment war. no one can hit me except my family i barley knew the woman and she puts her hands on me?! that aint happening! as i can recall i gave my sister a bloody nose because she tried to pull me off of samantha. samantha was bruised from her stomach to her face she had bite marks all over her arms and a bunch of hair missing. 

to this day i still hide my legs because as my brother was trying to pull me off samantha i kicked him in the groin and he threw a wooden cabnet at me causing me to have scares on my legs from where they hit me. there isnt a day that goes by that i wont look at those scares and think of that day. i was only 12 and i was fighting a 29 year old woman. 

i was grounded for 2 months everything was taken out of my room but i kept a little ipod hidden there is not a day goes by that i wont listen to music. everyday at 3:15 wamantha would come in my room and look me dead in the eyes and say are you miserable yet?! and i would reply with no. because i might of been grounded for 2 months but it was worth it! she had lost all respect from me and i would treat samantha as if she was my age!

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