my oh so wonderful life!

haley had just met her dads girlfriend and its been 3 years since there big fight and haley decides to start a book to tell everyone what shes been through even though.


3. one year later

i remeber my sister and samantha fighting constantly but not as bad as me and her had gotten into that day! 

my sister and i were in therapy for all the stress samantha had put on us. our therapist told us that it would be best for us to get out of the house. of course it was easy for my sister but not for me. my sister was 16 and she went and lived with her boyfriend shes 18 now and they will be getting married soon. it took 3 years but i finally got out of that house i now live with my mom. its a little better but considering that my mom is living off unemployment isnt the best.

me and samantha still got into fights and she told me that if we ever got into a fight like we did when i was 12 she would beat the crap outta me. i would simply reply with i was 12 then im 15 now im bigger stronger and taller if i could beat the crap outta you then i could take you now! anytime but the thing is, is that your scared i know im not but its you that are scraed sure you can call the cops on me!..but i will always be thinking this one sentence that will always make me smile...IT WAS WORTH IT! im not the only one who wants to beat you up. why do you think you have no friends and you just sit and sulk infront of the tv?!...

me and samantha are still fighting till this day and i dont think it will ever stop unless she dies or she leaves my dad. and i doubt either will happen anytime soon!

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