Ariana Rae Krallem was your average 17 year old. She was 5'6", somewhat tan, had beautiful long brown hair, dazzling chocolate brown eyes, and was all over a very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart of gold. She was very insecure though. Her life was pretty normal. Her father was dead, though. She lived with her mother and 12 year old brother Liam. But when their world is turned upside down, and the family's house is destroyed, the Krallem family is forced to flee from their home and live in a fancy 5 star hotel until ready to either rebuild their fire-ruined house or buy a new one. When Ariana finds herself in the wrong room, she comes face to face with two boys from the worlds most popular boy band, One Direction. She flees instantly, her insecurities and fears coming to life. But when she catches the eye of one of the boys, and accidentally leaves her phone behind, will her life be changed forever?


8. Wait..

Ari's POV  

As the sun's powerful light creeped into my vision, I fluttered open my eyes, and awoke from the deep slumber I had settled into what seemed like ages ago. Oh, how one comfy matress could change your sleeping patterns drastically. I had slept for a long time, or what I thought. What time was it? I took a glance over at the clock on the bedside table. Oh, wow. I went to sleep at around 12:40-sh, and now it was 20 minutes to 10. I usually sleept in later, but a good 9 hours of sleep can change that.  

I hopped out of my bed, to see a box at my door. I perked one of my eyebrows and walked over to it. On it was a note. I snatched the note in my fingers and began reading it.  


    I have already started some clothes shopping and brought you some clothes to wear for today. I've gone out again with Liam to buy stuff for ourselves. Don't worry, we will shop later. 



I read the note, and my eyes glistened over like a kids eyes on Christmas morning. My mother was so sweet! Eagerly, I took the top of the box and flung it across the room, diving my hands into the tissue paper and throwing that out the box as well. I gasped, my jaw dropping. The clothes were stunning. I loved my mother. I brought out and sorted all the different clothes, laying them on the floor. So many different tops and bottoms to choose from!  

Quickly I chose a white t-shirt with thin red stripes across the middle, and 'simple red ripped jeans to match. How in the hell did my mom have a fashion sense like this? Wherever she got it from, I fancied it greatly. With one last look at myself from the huge mirror hanging on the wall across from my bed, I smiled and made my way out of the room. My stomach rumbled powerfully, it sounded like a lions fierce growl or the skies mighty thunder, which meant I was in desperate need for some breakfast.  

As I finished my breakfast of a bagel with cream cheese and milk, I stretched myself, shaking the last little feelings of tiredness that had still lingered within me. Good. All better. With a smile plastered on my face, I started to make my way towards the door. I was going to explore the hotel today, since I didn't get to last night. I shivered. Last night. I hoped to never relive that moment ever again.  

Suddenly, I jumped. Out of the nostalgic silence came a huge knock on my door. That was quite random. I wonder who it was. I prepped myself, always having to look good. You know, just the minor things. I placed my hair the way I wanted to, tugged my shirt this way and my pants that way. There. Perfect. I walked to the door and grabbed the handle, twisting it and opening the door widely.  

I felt my heart race. In front of me, ladies and gentleman, was Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. I could feel my stomach jittering once again. No, they found me, THEY FOUND ME. How did they find me?! Oh, duh. My phone. Ugh. My stupid phone.  

"Ohhh gurrrllll! You did NOT take my lo-" Before Louis could finish his sassy remark, I did the only thing my body could register to do. Slam the door. Yes. I, Ariana Rae Krallem, just shut the door in Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson's face. Whoops? No, not whoops. I didn't want to see them because the first time I had made a complete fool out of myself. Then again, I did for the second time just now. I heard them talking right outside the door, and I couldn't help myself. I gently and quietly propped myself up against the door, and got on my tip toes to peer into the peephole, watching their facial expressions.  

Niall looked almost sad or confused, and Louis was.. well, being the Louis all fans of 1D knew. I couldn't help but chuckle a little. My heart skipped a beat when Niall turned his head to look towards the door. He put his hand on it and shook his head. He looked lost, like a little puppy. Not realizing what I was doing, I put my hand to the door too, so it felt like we were those couples that did that across a glass screen in those sappy love stories. And as sad as it was, I was feeling somewhat of a connection. I watched them as they walked away and before I could control myself, I flung open the door. "Wait..." I called.  

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