Ariana Rae Krallem was your average 17 year old. She was 5'6", somewhat tan, had beautiful long brown hair, dazzling chocolate brown eyes, and was all over a very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart of gold. She was very insecure though. Her life was pretty normal. Her father was dead, though. She lived with her mother and 12 year old brother Liam. But when their world is turned upside down, and the family's house is destroyed, the Krallem family is forced to flee from their home and live in a fancy 5 star hotel until ready to either rebuild their fire-ruined house or buy a new one. When Ariana finds herself in the wrong room, she comes face to face with two boys from the worlds most popular boy band, One Direction. She flees instantly, her insecurities and fears coming to life. But when she catches the eye of one of the boys, and accidentally leaves her phone behind, will her life be changed forever?


9. Wait.. Part 2


  Niall's POV  

It was early in the morning, about 9:30, and yet I was up. I couldn't help it as I paced back and forth on the mahogany wood floors. "Dude, you're killing me! Stop pacing and just go over there!" Louis groaned, throwing his head back. I frowned. "What if she's not awake? What if she doesn't answer? What if it's someon-" I was surprised as Louis kicked my knee, making me trip. He then jumped on top of me and put his hand over my mouth. God what was this a stand up? I couldn't help but smirk under Louis' grip as I stuck out my tongue and gently caressed Louis' hand. Yeah, I was licking him. With a horrified "ugh!" Louis pulled back his hand. "Listen to me, Nialler. You need to stop asking 'what if?! WHAT IF?!' and you gotta start being confident. Okay? She can't resist you, you're Niall Freaking Horan! You're in One Direction and you're Irish. So nut up and shut up!" With that, I felt Louis' weight lifting off of me.  

I nodded. "Alright. I'm gonna eat something first, I'm starving." I told Louis and he just groaned. "Niall, when aren't you hungry?" I couldn't help but laugh at that one.  

-10 Minutes Later   "Alright, I'm ready Louis!" I called from the breakfast, hopping down from the island's stool and stretching. My heart fluttered. Today I was going to speak to her. Or, so I hoped. Louis chuckled. "Alright let's go!" I stopped. "Why are you coming Louis?"  

Louis almost couldn't contain the laughter he let pour out of his system. "Niall, I am a ladies man. I smooth talk. No offence but your skills are lacking a bit. How do you think I even got Ari's room number? Sweet talking, boy." I shrugged. "Fine, whatever. Just don't embarrass me." I grumbled. I checked my watch. My how time flied! It was already 9:55. "Alright, let's go." Louis opened the door for me and we both filed out, making sure not to disturb the other boys in their sleep.  

As we made our way across, I sighed. I lifted my knuckle to the door and knocked almost barely, you couldn't hear anything. "Really Niall. Don't make me sass you!" Louis scolded. "And this is why I go to Liam for girl advice." I snapped back, getting impatient with Louis. "Sorry," I grumbled before knocking on the door once again, this time harder and louder. I tried to listen for the sound of feet, and infact I did. A smile fell upon my face, curving my cheeks and puffing them out. I was.. excited. I couldn't help it.  

As the door opened, I took in a breath. Oh, wow. She looked very.. beautiful. But apparently Louis didn't think so because what he said even shocked me.  

"Ohhh gurrrllll! You did NOT take my lo-" Before he could finish, Ariana shut the door on us, right in my face. "Louis! Seriously!" I yelled, turning to face him with anger written all over my face. "No one wears stripes and red jeans but ME!" I could hit him right now, I swear. I turned my head and shook it, a frown on my face. I looked at the door, wishing it would open once again. Why did Louis do that? It was probably my only chance to talk to her...  

I let my hand fall on the door, like in those romantic movies. I couldn't help it. I felt so helpless and sad. Louis' hand fell on my shoulder and I brushed it off. "Look, sorry Niall. Maybe it's just not the right time.." Nodding, I sighed and turned around, heading back to our hotel room.  

Suddenly, I heard the door open, and small "Wait..."  

She wanted me to come back?

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