Ariana Rae Krallem was your average 17 year old. She was 5'6", somewhat tan, had beautiful long brown hair, dazzling chocolate brown eyes, and was all over a very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart of gold. She was very insecure though. Her life was pretty normal. Her father was dead, though. She lived with her mother and 12 year old brother Liam. But when their world is turned upside down, and the family's house is destroyed, the Krallem family is forced to flee from their home and live in a fancy 5 star hotel until ready to either rebuild their fire-ruined house or buy a new one. When Ariana finds herself in the wrong room, she comes face to face with two boys from the worlds most popular boy band, One Direction. She flees instantly, her insecurities and fears coming to life. But when she catches the eye of one of the boys, and accidentally leaves her phone behind, will her life be changed forever?


6. One Step Closer


I struggled for a few minutes in Louis' hard grip, but finally I wiggled free. "Louis! I don't even know her name!" I claimed helplessly, and instantly Louis stopped dead and turned to me, giving me the sassiest look I have ever seen in my life. "Really, Niall." He said in  monotone.  

"What? I don't." Louis rolled his eyes. "Niall. You have her phone. Her. Phone."   

I felt my cheeks grow warm very fast. Duh, how could I not think of that sooner?! I shoved my hand in my front left pocket and took out her phone, scrolling through her messages to see if any of them mentioned her name. Finally, I scrolled to a text from what I'm assuming what was her best friend.  


From: Sammy (Squishy)<3

One day you're gonna be famous for your singing. And I'll see your name "Ariana Rae Krallem" on MSG. I swear.


Oh, so she sings? I liked her even more. "I guess her name is Ariana Krallem." I mumbled, looking up at Lou who was still holding his sassy stare. "No wonder the fans call you the Sass Master from Doncaster." I grumbled with a small smirk before walking towards the elevator. "TO THE LOBBY!" Louis screamed.  

I laughed gently at his words, but I felt butterflies fly around within my stomach. I really felt something about this girl, and I was so close to finding her, one step closer.  

Ariana's POV.  

As my family and I settled into our real room, I was super cautious. I constantly eyed room 2436 when I popped in and out of the room. I was on the edge and if I got caught by Niall I would descend to a 42892085840 fall, hypothetically speaking.   

"So tomorrow, we're going to have a shopping spree, since we literally have nothing but the clothes on our backs." My mom announced, a meak smile on her face. "Don't worry about the money, Ariana. I can tell you are. The hotel room was discounted for the mix up and I've got plenty to start with." I guess I shouldn't really worry, I mean my mom worked at a bank and she gets paid tons. I knew that. But still, I felt she shouldn't be spending so much after such a tragedy. Oh well.  

"So, I guess we all have our own rooms?" Liam asked, a coy smirk on his face. "Race ya!" He called, but I was far ahead of him. I dashed to the closest room which- thanks to the room mix up- I knew was the fanciest. "Beat you!" Liam's face was so sad, it made me laugh as I yelled those words in his face. "Better luck next time, twerp." I sang harshly, closing my door right in his face. I turned to look at the room. My, how I wish I was famous. If I constantly was traveling, performing to die hard fans, and then coming back to this every night I would just... be in Heaven.  

I heard a knock on my door, and my heart raced. What if it was N- No. Why would he be here? He didn't know my name and he barely saw my face. As satisfying as that was, it also burned a heavy hole in my heart. I wish we had run into each other a different way... Pushing my thoughts aside I opened the door to find my mom. I smiled widely, "Coming to say goodnight?" I questioned and she nodded. I embraced my mom tight in my arms, trembling gently. Our lives had changed drastically in the last 24 hours, but no matter what we were a family and we loved each other through thick and thin. "I love you, mom. Thank you for everything. Goodnight." We broke from the hug and I gave my mom a small kiss on the cheek before closing the door and jumping into the bed. It was a tempurpedic. Maybe Hell was my type of place to stay.  

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