Ariana Rae Krallem was your average 17 year old. She was 5'6", somewhat tan, had beautiful long brown hair, dazzling chocolate brown eyes, and was all over a very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart of gold. She was very insecure though. Her life was pretty normal. Her father was dead, though. She lived with her mother and 12 year old brother Liam. But when their world is turned upside down, and the family's house is destroyed, the Krallem family is forced to flee from their home and live in a fancy 5 star hotel until ready to either rebuild their fire-ruined house or buy a new one. When Ariana finds herself in the wrong room, she comes face to face with two boys from the worlds most popular boy band, One Direction. She flees instantly, her insecurities and fears coming to life. But when she catches the eye of one of the boys, and accidentally leaves her phone behind, will her life be changed forever?


22. Liam the payne

 I woke with a start, my eyes widening, my heart racing and my breath intake increasing rapidly as I once again started to panic. I saw Niall, his eyes illuminated with wild scared-ness. "You're awake Ari! Holy shit, you scared me to pieces.." He whimpered, making his way to me and wrapping me in a tight bear hug. I let out a small moan as he constricted me tightly, much like a boa constrictor ready to kill its prey. I hugged him back gently, trying to breathe as slowly and composedly as I could. Niall backed off and sat down next to me, his eyes never leaving my face. "Ari, love, are you okay?" My, even in a time like this his thick Irish accent could make me melt. I lifted my hand to my face and using the back of it I gently wiped the moisture that was tears off my face. Wow, I somehow sleep-cried. That's gotta be some sort of talent.  

I weakly nod my head a few times in a bob, breathing slowly, deeply. "Sorry, Niall. I just got so nervous. I felt everything around me was caving in. I'm.. uhh.. very claustrophobic." I admitted, feeling a rush of color tint the very apples of my cheeks. I heard Niall give a chuckle, one that I hoped signified relief. "I'm just glad you're alright. For a minute there, I.. I thought I lost you.." He mumbled uneasily, his eyes darting to the floor. Sincerity ran clear in his voice. He really cared about me, didn't he? "Well, you can never lose me Niall. I promise you." I whispered slowly, lifting up my right hand and extending my pinky to him, to which he chuckled and we enclosed our pinkies together, binding our promises.  

I couldn't help but still shake the feeling of the elevator caving in, but i tried to control my composition as best as I could. I picked myself up from the floor, Niall's gentle-but-strong hand there to help me up. I wiped myself clean of the dust my clothes had collected from the floor and I sighed. Just as I had found my center point of balance, the elevator jerked, the lights flickered and the numbers on the teleprompter-tv thing flashed. The elevator jerked again, causing me to fall into Niall. He caught me just in time, but the force of my weight caused him to fall over and once again, I had fallen and pinned him down. I chuckled, my eyes caught his. The elevator started working like normal, and soon enough it was bringing us down to our destination. "Thank heavens!" I shouted happily, a smile creasing both I and Niall's faces.  

The elevator finally made it's way to the lobby, the elevator dinged loudly and we were greeted by flashes of paparazzi cameras everywhere. Great, I was still on top of Niall. THIS would be an interesting front page cover! Quickly I got up from Niall and we stood up in unison. He grabbed my tiny hand in his and we raced out of the elevator, where the lobby was filled with hectic scenes. From paparazzi, to firemen, to screaming fans. This place was a mob scene! The firemen had their full right to be here, since they did have to fix both elevators, or so that's what I heard amoungst the jibber-jabber. But the paps and the fans were a little too much for me. I squeezed Niall's hand tighter, feeling his sweaty palms comforted me. He sensed my unease and quickly we rushed out the hotel's back entrance  where a worried 4 boys and a Paul awaited our arrival.  

Harry was the first one to rush over. "Niall! We were so worried! We heard about the elevator and we thought you'd be stuck for hours. I'm glad both of you have returned safe and unharmed." Well, if only Harry had seen my break down. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have classified Niall and I as unharmed. I think my breakdown had caused a piece of Niall's sanity to go away. Man, that must've been scary for him to witness... I pulled my head out of the clouds and nodded. "I'm Ariana, by the way." I introduced myself to Harry, not really have I talked to him before. He just pulled his worried-lips into a coy smile, his dimples enlightening his features as his curly hair ruffled along with the breeze. "I've heard a lot about you, love." He chuckled, making Niall blush. I couldn't help but chuckle too. "Alright love birds and Harry, let's get going to Nando's!" Louis screamed excitedly and all of us piled into the car. Since there was barely any room, i decided I'd sit on Niall's lap. He just smiled and wrapped his strong arms around my waist. My legs dangled awkwardly, in which Liam and Harry took notice. Harry grabbed my feet, Liam my knees and together they pulled up my legs so they sat comfortably on the other boys legs.  

"Thanks!" I said cheerfully, feeling a numbness in my legs as I realized they had gone to sleep. Ugh, I hated when that happened! Liam smiled a cheeky smile and extended his hand towards me. "I'm Liam," "Oh, I know! I've heard a lot about all you guys from my Directioner friend Bailey!" I announced happily, which caused a laugh amoung the lads. "My brothers name is Liam as well, ugh but he is such a pain!" Everyone ceased their laughter and stared at me. I suddenly felt like I had done something wrong. But what? Then I realized. I had just called my brother, Liam, a pain. And next to me was Liam, PAYNE. That pun was SO unintended. "Oh, wow. Pun NOT intended!" I claimed, and the boys seemed to find that hilarious, especially Louis, he amoung the group had the heartiest of laughs, one that drowned out the others.  

As their tribal chants of amusement ceased, we turned on the radio. "...And now, a popular song by x-factor teen sensation, One Direction!" Perfect timing, radio stations. Well played. "Dum. dum dum. Dum dum, dum dum. Dum dum. Dum dum, dum dum dum dum." Before I knew it, sound filled out the van as the boys sang along to their own song, singing their own solos and even harmonizing. Man, these lads were amazing. And so talented! I just laughed and let my head fall gently onto Niall's shoulder. I was tired, and the nearest Nando's would take a while to get to. Might as well take a nap!  

As I drifted off, the sounds of the voices boys remained clear in my head. What talent they had. If only I could sing like that.  

Well, I could. But... claustrophobia isn't my only fear.

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