Ariana Rae Krallem was your average 17 year old. She was 5'6", somewhat tan, had beautiful long brown hair, dazzling chocolate brown eyes, and was all over a very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart of gold. She was very insecure though. Her life was pretty normal. Her father was dead, though. She lived with her mother and 12 year old brother Liam. But when their world is turned upside down, and the family's house is destroyed, the Krallem family is forced to flee from their home and live in a fancy 5 star hotel until ready to either rebuild their fire-ruined house or buy a new one. When Ariana finds herself in the wrong room, she comes face to face with two boys from the worlds most popular boy band, One Direction. She flees instantly, her insecurities and fears coming to life. But when she catches the eye of one of the boys, and accidentally leaves her phone behind, will her life be changed forever?


25. Laughing, Crying and Fainting Too

"You went ballistic on the dance floor!" Harry laughed heartily, trying to best impersonate my drunken dance moves.   "And you would not stop giggling at everything Louis said!" Backed up Zayn.   "And don't forget when she dived for th-"   "ALRIGHT ENOUGH!" I howled, my eyes were sure to been like daggered slits as I stared at the five boys. They all were on the white carpet in front of me, rolling in fits of laughter as they explained to me what happened when I got drunk last night.   Moral of my story; never drink. Ever. Again.   I sighed, taking my hands and playing with my hair, I ran my fingers through it a few times as I stood there just waiting. My right hip swung outward, and my right hand gently fell onto my hip as I stared at the boys, who were in fact still laughing. I raised an eyebrow, pursing my lips. Were they going to stop anytime soon? My did I hope so, though reality told me otherwise.


Rolling my eyes, I scoffed. Niall noted and he sobered up. He coughed and got off of the ground, hopping up and taking place in front of me. He stepped forward me and encased me in his strong grip, rocking me, swaying me from side to side. "I'm sorry darlin'. It's just funny as hell! I bet you woulda done the same if you saw me totally wasted." His breath fell on my neck, warming my body. I let out a light gasp, surprised at how much his Irish accent made me weak. Though I was still a little annoyed at all of the taunting, I couldn't stay mad at Niall. A small smile toyed with my face and I grumbled. "True, true. I forgive you Niall." I retorted, and chuckled as Niall pulled away from me and pounded his fists into the air. "I am the master comander!" He roared, causing me to go into a small fit of laughter. I sobered up and gently hit his arm to which he pretended to be majorly wounded, falling to the floor. Why do I surround myself with such lovable idiots?

As the rest of the boys sobered up, I eyed them all. "Now you guys better delete any pictures of me from last night and if I find any were put up anywhere, I will kill you!" I exclaimed quite over the top, pointing my finger in their direction. I watched Harry's eyes widen, and Louis grow uncomfortable. I raised an eyebrow. "Boys, is there anything you want to tell me?" I growled but the room grew silent. The silence killed me. These boys did something idiotic. I watched as Zayn coughed and mumbled something about twitter under his breath. Harry outstretched his arm and hit Zayn right in the baby maker. Ouch. But just like that I jumped at the couch, landing with a heavy thud as skin met leather. I grabbed Harry's iPhone as quick as I could and pressed the twitter app. I looked on his profile and saw a tweet saying "Lovestagram xx" on it and pressed the link which opened up Instagram. I narrowed my eyes at Harry and he bit his lip. All of the other boys backed up like fleeing matadors from an angry bull. Next thing I knew the screen illuminated with a picture of me and Niall. And I looked like a mess. My hair fell down my shoulders in beachy waves, but some of it lay tangled in Niall's hands as we hungrily kissed. My hands were wrapped around Niall's neck, though I could spot my left hand gripping a beer bottle rather tight. I saw Zayn in the back, his tongue out with pride at his photobomb. Squinting I also noticed Louis, but unlike Zayn he looked down, sad as he looked upon the scene in front of him, his hands gripping some type of alcohol. I blinked and looked up at Harry, I could tell this boy was expecting the worst. And oh was he gonna get it. I chucked the phone down next to me and pounced off the couch and tackled Harry down to the ground, he groaned loudly in shock that I was strong enough to do such a thing.

"HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A THING YOU IDIOT? LOVESTAGRAM? REALLY?" I shouted in his face and I smirked slightly, which left Harry bewildered. I got down so our faces were somewhat close. "You watch your back Styles, I will have my revenge." My voice barely a whisper, my eyes dancing with pleasure as I watch Harry grow fearful. Maybe I was playing around, or maybe I wasn't. But, letting my words linger, I got up and skipped over to a very confused Niall. He chuckled at me, considering I just did a whole 360 mood change. He welcomed me with open arms and held me close. "Niall I'm hungry, can we go to McDonalds?" I asked and his lips twitched into  a smirk, and I could hear the boys behind me talking amoungst themselves, trying to figure out what the hell even happened.


Niall nodded, and removed us from our hug. He put his arm around my shoulders rather tightly and we walked our way out of the hotel suite, not knowing what was waiting for us outside.





"Follow me babe." Niall whispered in my ear as we exited the elevator gladly. I still couldn't shake what happened in that stupid thing, but it was over now and I was glad. I sighed, squeezing Niall's hand that lay atop my shoulder. I nodded as he took us near the back of the hotel and we exchanged brief glances with hotel staff, they all were informed we were to use the back entrance to get away. I smiled at one girl who looked about a year or two older than me, then I fell into a state of wondering if she was a fan of One Direction as she grunted back at me, eyeing Niall's arm around me. I shrugged. Haters gonna hate.


A tall man in a black suit guarded the door we were to leave out of, and I smiled. It felt weird being with Niall. He was so famous he had to sneak out the back, I just found it cool and kind of funny. The man shook his head briefly at us and stepped aside, opening the door out of the quiet hotel. But, unfortunately, sound filled the hotel quickly and Niall and I were greeted by not only fresh air, but about 50 girls. Shit, they found the back entrance. The black suited man noted this and quickly took action, shoving girls out of the way as he had us by his side. Girls constantly screaming for Niall as I just tried to keep my head down, I didn't want any attention at all good or bad. I sighed and Niall tightened his grip on my shoulders, he could sense my uneasiness. The loudness of the girls quite scared me, that was until one girls voice stood out from all the others no thanks to a bullhorn her chubby fingers clasped around.




She stared me right in the eyes as she spoke the cruel words. Everyone froze, all screaming stopped. Every girl stood there, shocked. Niall tensed beside me and I felt myself grow weaker as the words sunk in. I bit my lip hard and continued walking as we finally reached the car, other girls now going at it with the rude girl. I felt hot tears fall down my rosy cheeks as we slid in, girls now bombarding the car. Niall got in after me and hugged me tight, which made me lose control. I started bawling, my head falling into my shaking hands as tears stained my sweaty palms. Niall's hand rubbed my back as he 'shhh'-ed soothingly in my ear, and deja vu began to play part in my mind. But this wasn't deja vu to me, this was all too new. It was one thing to receive hate from someone online where they stood powerless, probably not thinking of their words. But it's another to have an insult thrown at you in public, around so many others that it's humiliating to know someone actually had the nerve to say something like that.


Niall continued to stroke my back as I continued to sniffle out a tear or two every few seconds. And as we finally got the girls clear of the car and drove off, I couldn't help but wonder if anything was worth it anymore.




Niall held me tight as we pulled up to the McDonalds, knowing I was still upset. My head nestled snuggly into his shoulder as he rested his messy blonde hair on top of my wavy brown hair. His eyes were peered down at me as he would catch every tear that would cascade down my cheeks, his thumb warm against my cool cheeks. I sighed and he gently kissed my forehead. "Ariana, you know it's not true. That girl doesn't know you, I do. You're a lovely girl and you're an amazing girlfriend. They're just jealous because you get aaaaall of this to yourself!" He finished smugly, extending his pointer finger and pointing up and down his body. I cracked a smile and rolled my eyes, my stomach a jumbled mess. He really knew how to cheer me up and give me insane butterflies. "There's my girls smile, now come on let's order everything on the menu!" He exclaimed like a little child, taking my hand and pulling me out of the car and into the parking lot as we crossed it hastily, not even caring if we got noticed. We entered the building with heavy breathing. You could tell we both didn't run very often as Niall had to bend down, hands on his knees as he caught his breath.


Surprisingly, this McDonalds didn't have the age group I expected for being only around 3 in the evening. Mostly older people were here, some alone -which broke my heart-, some with their significant other, some with their grandchildren. There was a group of some truckers that looked to be about the age of 40, so they most likely weren't a One Direction fan, although you never know. I saw a family with two tiny children and I smiled. I loved children so much. I pulled my attention back to Niall as he finally caught his breath and dragged me into the line and stared up at the menu. As our turn approached he hurried up and started ordering the fattest things on the menu by the look of it. I just ordered a chicken nugget kids meal. What? I like the toys! As our order came we sat and ate together, getting looks from some of the workers who did look about our age. Crap, not this again.


We finished our food and left hastily, not wanting to cause a scene as some people seemed to have recognized Niall. Looks like forgetting to bring some sunglasses was a really, really bad idea. Niall took my hand and together once again we ran to the car, hoping in. I threw a cookie to the front seat for the driver, something quick I ordered and hope he'd appreciate since he had to tolerate driving us around. He smiled politely at me and as Niall and I buckled our seatbelts he took off back to the hotel.




Finally arriving back to the hotel, we hopped into the elevator and rode up, I checked myself in the mirrors the elevator had and my eye twitched. I looked like this all day?! Ugh. I noticed Niall watching me and I blushed slightly, putting my head down and looking at the floor. That's some nice floor. Not. As the elevator dinged, signaling our arrival to the floor, I got out quickly and smirked as Niall chuckled at my distaste toward the elevator. I just didn't want a repeat, okay? I sighed slightly as Niall went to the hotel door and started walking in, but I grasped his hand in mine and pulled him back. He whipped around, a smirk present on his face. He leant down his forehead onto mine and spoke softly.

“And what was that for, princess?” His voice was a low growl, playful yet very seductive. I felt blood rush to my cheeks as I smiled at the ground quickly before looking back up at him, our eyes searching each others, getting lost like travelers near and far. I sucked in a deep breath, taking in the moment as well as his ocean blue eyes. So beautiful. I realized he was awaiting a reply from me and I blinked slowly and opened my mouth.

“I really need to visit my mom. I know she’s okay with me hanging with you, she trusts you boys and all I guess, but I feel bad I’ve ditched her when she um.. needs me.” I mumbled slowly and shrugged. “I’ll come back later alright?” I suggested hopefully and he nodded. “Alright babe, don’t miss me too much.” He winked slowly as he closed the gap between our lips, kissing me gently. I closed my eyes and let my hands wrap around his neck as his fell to my waist. I deepened the kiss slightly, a small smile tugging at my lips. I felt Niall smile too and we pulled away. I giggled like a maniac and Niall pressed a gentle kiss to my forehead and turned tail, racing into the room as the other four boys screamed his name for god knows what.

Sighing, I turned to my hotel room and twisted the cool metal knob slowly and gently before forcing the door open with a shove. I was greeted by the smell of spaghettios, or something of that manor. I smiled as I saw my brother with his face buried deep into a bowl of food, as he was making more food. How could he do that? I took my hands and ruffled around his hair, something I knew he hated. “Idiot!” He remarked as he did a hair flip and I had to stop myself from laughing. Personally I thought my touch up was better.

“Where’s mom?” I asked my little brother watching him shrug. “She went out to the store or somethin’, said we needed more food.” I nodded slightly, trying to hold back a witty comment of wondering why we would need more food when clearly, my brother sucked up food like a vacuum. I sighed and laid myself down on the couch, turning on the television and watching some weird reality show that I had never seen before and probably planned on never watching again. Just then, the shrill sound of the hotel phone pierced the silence like a bullet. I jumped slightly, my heartbeat increasing the slightest. I watched my brother as he looked at me, giving me an ‘I’m not getting up’ look and I huffed, rolling my eyes and lazily parting from the couch to rush to the phone. I picked up the crème colored phone and sighed.

“Hello?” I pressed, a slight tint of annoyance in my voice. I was so comfy on the couch. On the other line I could hear a slight breath of hesitation, which increased my curiosity. I arched my eyebrow, repeating myself a few times before what seemed to be the lady at the front desk I had seen this morning finally spoke up.

”Hello, is this Ariana or Liam Krallem?” She asked politely and I rolled my eyes slightly. Who else would it be, Obama? I don’t think so.

“Yes this is Ariana speaking, how may I help you?” I asked in a kind of bored tone, this lady needed to get to the point quicker or something. It seemed as if she kept stalling.

“I have some bad news for you sweetie.” She spoke, I could almost hear the quiver in her lips. My heart beat quickened faster by the second and I could already feel sweat beading onto my pale palms. I looked over at Liam and his bewildered face, and I quickly shook my head before tilting it up to look at the ceiling.

“And what would that be?” I asked, my voice squeaking slightly as I stuttered.

“Your mother, she’s in the hospital.. It seems-”

The rest of the words blurred out by my ears as I sunk in what the lady just told me, my whole body starting to shake as I couldn’t fully process it all. I felt the room grow painfully dizzy as everything seemed to be spinning. And just like that, I had fallen to the ground, not knocked unconscious, but not fully aware of what was going on around me.

‘Your mother, she’s in the hospital’ kept echoing in my dizzy head. And those were the last words I heard before my world, and consciousness, came tumbling down.




wow I haven’t updated in a while so I hope this makes up for it! Niall’s POV is coming up next chapter! Yaaaay! Love you all aND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 5K READS :D xxxxx


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