Ariana Rae Krallem was your average 17 year old. She was 5'6", somewhat tan, had beautiful long brown hair, dazzling chocolate brown eyes, and was all over a very beautiful girl with a beautiful heart of gold. She was very insecure though. Her life was pretty normal. Her father was dead, though. She lived with her mother and 12 year old brother Liam. But when their world is turned upside down, and the family's house is destroyed, the Krallem family is forced to flee from their home and live in a fancy 5 star hotel until ready to either rebuild their fire-ruined house or buy a new one. When Ariana finds herself in the wrong room, she comes face to face with two boys from the worlds most popular boy band, One Direction. She flees instantly, her insecurities and fears coming to life. But when she catches the eye of one of the boys, and accidentally leaves her phone behind, will her life be changed forever?


21. 14, 13... 12?

We were on the 24th floor, so it would take a minute or two to get down, and as soon as we got out there it would be hectic with Niall being famous and all, so I didn't mind the time we spent now in the elevator.  

I watched the fancy screen which informed us of the floor we were on, and we were on floor 14, no wait, now 13. That's when I noticed something. The lights slightly flickered for a second. The screen twitched. I arched my right eyebrow, growing suspicious. That's when I felt it. The elevator seemed to be slowing down. It hadn't gotten to floor 12 yet. What? We were nowhere near our stop and I'm pretty sure no one would be getting on mid-way through a floor.  

Suddenly, things seemed to become a whirl as the elevator seemed to jerk in motion. I was tripping over myself as the jerk flung me to the side, causing me to fall back and hit my head on the elevator door. I felt the world slowly collapsing around me, darkness encasing me faster than fire catching on dry leaves.  

~5 Minutes Later  

I woke with a start, a throb in my head. "Ariana?" I heard a worried irish accent wince, and as I fluttered my eyes open I saw Niall by my side, his hands cupping my face. "Ariana! I'm so glad you're awake. You scared me to death." He whimpered like a lost puppy, taking me into his arms in a hug. I hugged him back, and I felt him shaking. What happened? "Niall.. what's wrong?" I asked him confusedly.  

"Ariana, our elevator is stuck, we were on the way down to the lobby and it got stuck in between floor 12 and 13." No. This couldn't be happening. I felt like the elevator was spinning, everything around me a fuzzy daze. I let my hand hold my forehead as I tried to make clear of the situation, but I just couldn't. My lungs seemed to be needing more oxygen intake, and I couldn't fulfill the order. I started to hyperventilate, as everything seemed to be caving in on me. I felt trapped, doomed to the death. I brought my knees up to my chest, encasing my arms around them tightly, with much force. I banged my head inbetween the crevice of my knees and started to let tears fall freely, loud wails and moans coming from my slightly parted lips. "What's wrong?" I heard Niall shout, I could tell he was utterly worried. I brought my head back from my knees and slammed it against the elevator wall, not caring the consiquence.  

I heard Niall yell at me to stop, but I kept going, banging my head on the wall. I felt encased, jailed, done for. "Ariana! Stop! What has gotten into you!" He called, but I ignored. I balled my hands into tight fists, and let them freely bang at the ground. I was going insane. My every being inside of me filled with fear, and fear getting the better of me brought out my vivid imagination. In my mind flashed images of random ghosts or monsters appearing out of nowhere, and I felt they were true. I never knew my fear would ever come so alive, and ever come in between my life like this. Tears streamed down my face as I slowly felt sanity slip through my loose fingers, I hated this. I felt like I was slowly leaving the dimension of reality, everything that was true. I felt myself falling into the deepest epitomy of absolute and utter insanity. I let out a bloodcurtling scream, every part of my body shaking. I felt like my eyes were slipping to the back of my head, and infact they were. And as they did, my body hit the rugged carpeted floor of the broken down elevator. I was knocked out, unconcious. Now you're probably wondering, what the fuck is wrong with you? Well, plain and simple here it is.  

My name is Ariana Rae Krallem, and I have a highly effective dose of claustrophobia.

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