Love triangle

This is a one direction love story :) Josie likes liam,liam likes maddie,maddie likes niall,and niall likes Josie. But will they all learn to stop chasing the person who dosnt like them? Or keep trying to get to them and have there heart broken? Keep reading!


1. Notice me

Josie's P.O.V

"Its the first day of Junior year Josie! He isnt going to notice you right now...." said maddie "But I have noticed him scence freshman year.......He is the captian of the football team...he is like a god!" said Josie dreamingly "H..Hey has your day been?" asked Niall nerviously " sorry do I know you?" asked Josie "Ya....its me Niall....we had biology last year together. I was the one who bumped into you an spilt that vineger on you." said Niall "Oh ruined my pure silk top that cost $150" said Josie slightly annoyed "Ya...sorry about that..." said Niall "Whatever....i have to get to French now bye Maddie.....ummmmm Bye niall." 

I walked to French and looked around the class to examin her class mates......Lucy,Math geek..Ryan,Jock.......Bethany,Class president....And alot others that were to many to name. But two minutes before the bell rang came Liam m trotting in. Josie got wide eyed as she saw him her stomach filled with butter flyes. She quickly looked around the room to see where all the empty Seats where one next to her,which she was in the middle of the class and one at the back right corner. She carefully watched him as he looked to see where to sit. She had been in one class with him 2 years ago and knew he didnt like the back. So her heart practically skipped a beat when he came next to her just about to sit down. "Hi, is this seat taken?" asked Liam "Yes! No i mean no! Yes to you sitting there! I mean if you want." said Josie nerviosuly. "Haha..ok thanks mate." Mate! Did he just call me mate? Josie does he concider me as a friend?This is going to be a very interesting year.

Liam's P.O.V

Yea Josie was a cute girl. But her friend Maddie oh man! She was a totall BABE! I mean with her beautiful Blonde hair, her cute dimples when she smilled. She was GORGEOUS. I have wanted to ask her out for so long but i dont want her to reject me so i have just stayed with my annoying overly attatched girlfriend Kelsey. Dont get me wrong Kelsey is pretty cute but like i said Maddie is a gorgeous BABE! This year is going to be the year i do it.....i will ask her out...maybe even this week. I mean its a new year so why not?

Maddie's P.O.V

After Josie left for French i walked next to Niall so i could go to Math... I didnt know where Niall was headed....but he was so cute. I couldnt stand to see Josie be such a bitch to him sometimes. I mean Josie was my bestfriend but she is so mean to him sometimes that it kills me on the inside. But i finaly worked up the nerves to talk to Niall. " So where are you headed?" i asked "Oh,To math." he said "Oh really? Me to. Which teacher?" i asked "Mrs. Ummmm hold on let me check..... Mrs. Carder." he said "NO WAY!! Me to!"i said...probably sounding a little to excited. " maybe we should sit by each other cause you are probably going to be the only person i know." i said It turns out i knew like 10 other students. Oh well now was the chance to get to know him more so maybe just one day we could be more than class mates.

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