Love triangle

This is a one direction love story :) Josie likes liam,liam likes maddie,maddie likes niall,and niall likes Josie. But will they all learn to stop chasing the person who dosnt like them? Or keep trying to get to them and have there heart broken? Keep reading!


15. Just 2 days together

Josie's P.O.V

Niall had to leave in a couple of days for like 2 weeks until we could see each other again. I knew this was how it was going to be if he made it to the next round of the X-Factor. But..... It was going to be really hard!! 2 weeks apart?!?!?!?!? I was aloud to visit him 2 days per week but only for the day :/ not stay with him all day and all night. It was going to be very hard for me and Maddie and Probably Eleanour. But we could all hang out us 3 girls and we could skype the boys. And we would have to just deal with it.

****Day 1 of visiting Niall****

"I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!" Niall said picking me up in the air.

"I missed you to babe!!"i said not wnating to let go of him.

"What do you want to do today?" I asked Niall

"How about we go out to lunch then go to my house so i can see my family then watch some films and just cuddle up and watch them together." niall said brainstorming

"Sounds great!" i said taking his hand and kissing him on the cheek.

"Lets get going then." he said with a smile.


**** At Niall's house****

I had told Niall while we were picking up some movies. That I didnt like scary movies but nope!! He decided to get 4 scary movies. Not 1...or 2.....or even 3 BUT 4!!!! I AM GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES!! I am an 18 year old girl and i still get scared like a 5 year old!!

We had dinner with his family who were in tears they where so happy to see him. But the rest of the night was just for us. He had to be back at the X-factor place by 1:00 and it was 15 minutes away from his house. So it was 6:00 and we wanted to be there by 11:00 so i could visit with the other boys to. I also knew madi was maybe all of us could hang out together.

We stoped the watching the movies at 10:00 I was freaked out!! But it was nice to have Niall there cause he would just have one arm aroung me and rub my arm and cuddel me and he was just so cozy.

We headed back to the building.....I dont even know what to call it....but we headed back at like 10:30 i visited with every body we played a few games and Me Maddie and El got a tpur and before we knew it, it was time to leave.

"I really miss you when im not with you." i said to niall as we were hugging. "I can't stand to be away from you, I feel like we arn't going to last. Like you will find some body else better than me."i said to Niall trying to fight back tears.

" I wont find somebody else you are mine ."Niall said. Then he gave me a kiss and said "Its getting late baby, you should go, love you!!" he said giving me one last hug and kiss.

"Love you to." i said and with that i started back to my car and was on my way back home.

(Once again i know this is a really boring time in my fan fictions.....SORRY!! I willlll try to make it more interesting!!)

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