Love triangle

This is a one direction love story :) Josie likes liam,liam likes maddie,maddie likes niall,and niall likes Josie. But will they all learn to stop chasing the person who dosnt like them? Or keep trying to get to them and have there heart broken? Keep reading!


16. In shock.

Josie's P.O.V

So Niall and the boys were against only 2 other people. Which means including them there where 3 people left in the X-Factor. The show was tonight..... infact in 4 hours.

I had to leave in about 2 hours in order to drive down there get checked in, see Niall before he performs and everything.

There band's name was One Direction. Cute :) and all of the boys were in it.  But they all kept getting more, and more nervious and on edge as they kept moving on.

Like last week I asked Harry at breakfest how he had been doing. And he just stared straight forward.

"Harry??" i asked him.

"STOP YELLING AT ME!!" he shouted in front of all of the other boys and Maddie.

We all just kind of snickered cause... umm i wasnt even yelling but also I felt bad for him. I dont think I had ever seen him this nervious and on edge.

****4 hours later.****

Me and Niall just relaxed before it was time for the show to start. The after the boys left so they could get ready me and El and Maddie went back to the lounge before they had to perform. We all just talked about the boys and life and everything. Like how it would be if they became famous. And what would happen if like one of us broke up with the boys. We all kind of went silent after thinking about that.


"Please give a welcome to..... ONE DIRECTION!!" announced the man in the stadium.

The crowd went WILD! Me maddie and EL held hands and jumped up and down a little. But we were still nervious as....crap.

There performance was FLAWLESS! The other two acts had gone which ment it was time for judging :/

"And the contestant we are saying goodbye to and sending home is..............." said the man standing on stage next to the boys.

Of course he took what seemed like 100000000 hours to announce it.

He opend the envolope.

"One Direction." he said

I just got a HUGE LUMP In my throat.

All of the sudden all the boys started crying and so did I. I looked over at El and Maddie who were bawlling as well.

They all huged each other and Simon and the other contestants and exited off stage.

Me and the girls ran to go see them. Right when I saw Niall I ran to his side. He was standing up and when i got over to him he hugged me and put his head on my shoulder still crying. It was just a heart breaking experience.

All the boys families came back stage with us.

"Boys." said Simon.

"You need to go back out there and sing your last song." he said.

Louis, Liam, And Niall grabbed me, El, and Maddie's arm and oulled us on stage with them.

"Ummmmmmmm." i said under my breath.

"Hello." said Niall.

The crowd once again went berserk.

"We just want to thank all of our fans and the support of our loved ones for getting through this with us." Niall said into the microphone.

You could hear sniffels all though the arena. Obiously we wernt the only ones devistated.

They started singing "Torn". Me and the girls just held hands and rocked back and fourth. Me eyes filling with tears.

After the performance was over we all went out to there rooms to get there stuff packed and to hae some dinner. We all tried to give them space. But everyone was heart broken.

Now what.....what was the next chapter in our lives.


Niall's P.O.V

It kind of sucks to be standing on stage...and not here your name called.

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