Love triangle

This is a one direction love story :) Josie likes liam,liam likes maddie,maddie likes niall,and niall likes Josie. But will they all learn to stop chasing the person who dosnt like them? Or keep trying to get to them and have there heart broken? Keep reading!


11. Food,Rides,Games, and more

Josie's P.O.V


It was a little chilly today in London but I could mostly tell this evening. As we all walked towards the ferris wheel i took in my surrondings. The smell of fish and chips,the games,the coasters,my bestfriend and her boyfriend as cute as can be. And me and my boyfriend, holding hands walking close together. I can't believe i ever hated him. Which almost brought tears to my eyes. I think he noticed i had somthing on my min right when we got onto the ferris wheel. Luckly it was only a 2 person cart so i could talk to him alone. "

Hey....wats wrong?"he said loveingly. "Im sorry. Im so so sorry."i said on the verge of crying. He pulled my head into his chest. "About wat?" he said almost whispering. "About how mean i have been to you in the past. I didnt know i would ever love you." i said now while tears filled my eyes. I pulled away from him and just stared into his eyes. "I love you to." he said and then his warm lips came in contact with mine. It wasnt a full make out session or anything i mean it was only like a 3 second kiss.

But the rest of the ride i cuddled up next to him and we sat there watching the stars,and while he stroked my hair After we got off we were all felling a bit hungrey so we just walked toward the food area to get some fish and chips. While we were in line Justin Bieber's song One Time came on and Niall freaked out like amlittle girl on christmas. It was so adorable. Liam seemed a bit enthuseastic about the song as well. "Me + you me+you" they sang to me and maddie. we just laughed. "Your world is my world and my fight is your fight." they continued. They were actually really really really really Good! And then 2 boys walked up behind us one of them with a gorgeous brown haired girl holding his arm. "Harry...LOU!!" I said. "Josie!" Lou said while giving me a quick squeeze. "This is my girlfriend Eleanor." Louis said. "Hi im Josie" i said shaking Eleanor's hand. Harry and Lou chimmed in with Niall and Liam. Once again they all sounded amazing! I had never ever! Seen this. 4 boys who all knew how to sing. After the song ended i was shocked. So was Maddie and so was everyone around us. Louis chuckled "I didnt noticed we drew a crowd." Apperently none of them had noticed.

"You guys should try out for The X Factor" said maddie. "They are having live auditions next week!" i said. They all looked a bit worried. But then Niall said "I would be fine with that." Then one by one they all started agreeing.

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