Love triangle

This is a one direction love story :) Josie likes liam,liam likes maddie,maddie likes niall,and niall likes Josie. But will they all learn to stop chasing the person who dosnt like them? Or keep trying to get to them and have there heart broken? Keep reading!


8. Answers

Josie's P.O.V

What was I supposed to say!!? Oh ya umm I used you??????? NO THAT DOSNT WORK!! So I just said probably the stupidest thing ever. "Lip spasm?" wow I felt so stupid but it was already sent. 2 minutes later my phone beeped it said, " Haha ok,we'll I like your lip spasms." WOAH WHAT A PERV! But it was kinda cute and funny and the same time. So........what now? These are the kind of texts I hate. I mean u can't really answer to them. I can't go ya. Or ok.but since I actually did kind of like him. I decided to just ask him on a date. I Mean I know it's not really a girl thing. But whatever I mean I had already kissed him.... So it wasn't that awkward. Do I texted him if he wanted to go get some coffee tomorrow morning. **Saterday morning** So I walked down to the Starbucks down the street. It was 10:00 I loved the smell of winter morning in London it was just so nice. As I opend the door my eye went straight to a blonde girl in the corner and a brown haired boy sitting across from her. MADDIE WAS HERE WITH LIAM!! Of course just my freaking luck!

Niall's P.O.V

Lip spasm....ya right. That kind of supprised me when she said that but what she said after just shocked me. She asked me to go get coffee with her. SHE ASKED ME!! Psh ya I would go! so it was set just like that. 10:00 we would meet at the Starbucks on Branson.

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