Beware and be Grateful

Highly inspired by the anime "Angel Beats" , Marty Zeiler writes a story about a kid (name unknown) who dies a tragic death. He is in the afterlife wich takes place in the form of a high-school. He soon meets Darcy, a young teenager, who explains everything to the kid. The squad she made is the S.A.A (squad against Angel). This was created to rebel against god and not accept their fates and futures. Darcy rebels against god cause of the unreasonable life he has created for her. Angel rebels against the S.A.A cause of her personal believes. The S.A.A believes Angel is a god and they try to take her down with lethal weapons made from their secret base underneath the school.


3. S.A.A's Headquarters

They're changing the name? 

As I wake up I hear names getting called out. I think they were renaming their squad or something. I don't really know; I was just waking up.  Yeah I know chapters are surpose to have longer introduction paragraphs but hey, it's my story.  

"You're The One Who Is Gonna Die Battlefront." I heard. He had long kinda grayish blueish hair. He was about my height, wearing a par of thin glasses. He looked very smart, but in this situation he was kinda a dumbass. 

'Sounds like I'm gonna be killed." Darcy say. 

"No it would be directed at that girl!" 

"Then what about.... You're The One Who Is Gonna Die Battlefront."

"Ugh! Sounds like I'm gonna be killed."

"Ugh. Anyone else?" Darcy asked the whole room.

It was about the size of an average principles office.  Darcy was sitting in where the principie would sit, with two rectangular windows, stretching from the ceiling to the ground with velvet red curtains. The walls were painted white. There were also two mustard yellow couches, one that I was lying down on.  The floor was light brown wood tile. It was a very interesting room.  I got up slowly. The kid before, the six foot tall  guy subjected, "Hey this is kinda cool, Flashback Battlefront."

"If only this was a flashback." Darcy quickly replied 

"Then what about this? Suicidecore Battlefront." said a man rather husky in size. He had short spiky brown hair. He looked like he weighed 250 pounds. He had very small eyes too; I think he's Asian. 

"Then that means you're resolved to die!, Darcy replied 

"Desperate Battlefront. " said a new girl. She had long dyed pink hair. Name? I don't know anyones name but Darcy. Sorry if you get confused as the reader. 

"Not desperate." 

"Then the invincible squadron." said a kid who was kinda short. His voice was also higher pitched. He has brown hair and big brown eyes. 

"Wheres the battlefront part?"

"The Wright Brothers." said six foot tall guy.

"Are you serious??!" He was quickly slapped by Darcy. I thought it was pretty funny.  "It has to end with battlefront; that's a must. We're taking the front line in this battlefield. Don't any of you have decent ideas?"

She walked over to me. I think she knew i was awake this whole time. "I told him to think of something; maybe he has a name. You had plenty of time to tell us what you came up with." 

"What do you mean?"

"You had to think of a name for Not Yet Dead Battlefront."

"Screw You Battle Front." 

The axe guy from before came up to me. He aimed his scythe at me. "You must think you have some guts to insult Darcy like that." 

"You leave me out of this dickwad. Whats with you guys? Don't drag me into this. I wanna get obliterated! ASAP!"

"You do?" said glasses kid. "You rather get obliterated without a fight? You would rather become a water flea?"

"A what.. a water flea!?!" 

"Did you think humans were the only ones with souls? 





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