Beware and be Grateful

Highly inspired by the anime "Angel Beats" , Marty Zeiler writes a story about a kid (name unknown) who dies a tragic death. He is in the afterlife wich takes place in the form of a high-school. He soon meets Darcy, a young teenager, who explains everything to the kid. The squad she made is the S.A.A (squad against Angel). This was created to rebel against god and not accept their fates and futures. Darcy rebels against god cause of the unreasonable life he has created for her. Angel rebels against the S.A.A cause of her personal believes. The S.A.A believes Angel is a god and they try to take her down with lethal weapons made from their secret base underneath the school.


2. Hospital Bed

I woke up

"Oh my god I'm alive? But that hurt like hell" i said. I ignored Darcys question. I still thought she was kinda nuts. I was breathing heavily and calmed down. I looked over to my right to see my shirt from before. It's all covered in blood.  I reach over to pick it up. I wanted to see how much blood there was so i can know how serious that stabbing was. I picked it up; all the blood from the shirt was dripping on to the hospital floor. My eyes widened and I thew the shirt onto the ground. "But Angel said there were no hospitals. So why am i in one right now." I thought. "Oh hell no screw this I'm getting out of there." I cried. I put on my shoes and my jacket and headed towards the door. When I opened the door a huge guy with a six foot scythe was looking right towards me. "Oh god, not another one." I cried out loud.

"I think we should leave." said Darcy, inching her way intill she was fully out. 

"So I hear you're the jerk who insulted Darcy! You're gonna pay for that!!." he pointed his scythe right at me.  

"Hey hey! Woah there! Calm down." I tried to reason. I took a step back; I was very intimidated by this guy.

"Wanna die?"

"Ha Ha that joke. Yeah yeah, Darcy told me you guys say that a lot around here. I get it; it's great.  Ha Ha." I don't think he was buying my fake laughter. 

"You're gonna die! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!! We'l dance again if you insult Darcy again." He stabbed my with his scythe more times then I could of remembered. I black out.... again. 

Some time later I wake up. Like before, I'm perfectly healed. No scar, no nothing. "You trying to kill me! Jesus that joke is even less funny now." I cried, hoping the "scythe master" was still around. "Wait that hurt like hell and that didn't even kill me. What the fuck? I know, I'l get obliterated!" I'l get obliterated and i can kiss the world goodbye. How do I do that?!" 

I got up from the pool of blood surrounding me started walking around the school. I have to admit, I don't remember my old high school. Maybe I never went to school offen. Is there anyone I can trust? Maybe someone with a license. Or a teacher. Wait a sec, where are all the teachers?? I walked over to the principles office hoping to get some answers. i opened the door and got hit by a huge metal hammer looking thing. I was sent out the window. I woke up on the couch in the principles office. It was the S.A.A's head quarters. 


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