Beware and be Grateful

Highly inspired by the anime "Angel Beats" , Marty Zeiler writes a story about a kid (name unknown) who dies a tragic death. He is in the afterlife wich takes place in the form of a high-school. He soon meets Darcy, a young teenager, who explains everything to the kid. The squad she made is the S.A.A (squad against Angel). This was created to rebel against god and not accept their fates and futures. Darcy rebels against god cause of the unreasonable life he has created for her. Angel rebels against the S.A.A cause of her personal believes. The S.A.A believes Angel is a god and they try to take her down with lethal weapons made from their secret base underneath the school.


1. I meet Darcy

It was dark

Yeah I know; I'm using one of the most generic phrases to start off a story. I woke up in the middle of what appeared to me a campus. I got up from the blue rocky outside floor.  I was next to a water fountain,  with two sets of stairs shorty parallel from each other, with ledges stretching up and away from each other. "What happened? I whispered to myself "Who am I? Where am I?  i walked over the staircase the was north of me. I flipped my long dirty-blonde hair that was covering my bright blue eyes and stared at the moon. I always thought it was really pretty.

Some memories came back to me, like my last name. I also started to remember what i looked like, and what I was good at. My last name is Martin and I'm a singer song writer. I lived in a small town near Toronto, Canada. But where I was looked like nothing like any place in Canada I've been too.

"Welcome to the S.A.A." I heard. It was a girl, around my age. She had bright red hair and bark brown eyes. She was about five foot tall so I was about seven inches taller then her. She was carrying a sniper rifle and was appearing to be aiming at a target. "This is a little late but can you join up with us?" she said

"Huh?"i replied

"Well now that you're here you must be dead."

"I'm sorry, I don't know what's going on butt..." I was cutoff

"This is the after life." she explained. "You will get obliterated if you don't fight."

"Wait. By who?"

"By him, God I mean." 

"So what do you want me to join exactly?"

"The S.A.A. The squad against Angel. First we were called the Underworld Battle Front. But it sounds like we accepted we were dead you know? So we changed it. We change our name a lot. Right now it's called the S.A.A. Before it was called the I Feel Dead Society. Ooh you can imagine who people felt about that one. That named lasted about a day."

I was ready to fall asleep cause of bordem. I chuckled and replied, "Uh is that really a sniper rifle?"

"Ugh, everyone who comes here says that. Look kid, you need to become more flexible if you want to survive. Accept things as they are."

"Accept things!?! Then what should i do?"I nervously looked away from her. 

"You should fight." she said with remorse. 

"Fight? Fight what?"

"That! She pointed to a girl about our age. She looked like the same high; five foot. She was wearing the same white and blue uniform. She had long gray hair that went down past her chest with beating green eyes. I thought she was adorable. She looked up at me; i turned away. She had to be hundreds of feet away from us thought, so I doubt she was looking at me. "That's the S.A.A's enemy, Angel." Angel just looked around and stood in place. "I"m starting to be wanted to change the name again. You got one?" 

"This chic is crazy", I thought to myself , "Is she really gonna shoot her?"  I smiled "Listen, how about i go down there?"

"WHAT?!?!" she scowled and pushed me down "Why the hell go down there? That makes no since! Are you an idiot or what?!?. Go die!!! That's something we say here a lot cause no one dies here; it's our little joke. Whatcha think, funny?"

"Uh not really. But whatever; I think i'l have more luck talking to someone then talking to some crazy high-school chic with a m16 or whatever it is. "

"Ugh! I'm on your side dude! If you like, i wont aim at her directly, how's that? A little trust here ok?"

"Hmmm...... "

Out of no were i see a new guy. He was about six foot tall and also had a weapon on him. He smiled and yelled joyfully, "Hey Darcy! So how's the recouping of the newbie there? We'l get him to join our cause no matter what it takes! And rebel against god, and destroy angel and..." He looks up to find both of us unamused, especially Darcy.  "What?" he said is confusion. 

"Yeah, I'm gonna go down there talk to her." I said. Darcy did not look happy. I didn't really care; for all I know, she's fucking crazy.

"What the hell! You can be such a good recruiter! Damn it!"

I ignored her. I don't want any interaction with her. "This doesn't make since; those two are nuts. I thought. I finally walked down the staircase and find Angel still standing there. I walked up to her and said, "Hey, what's going on? Listen, there are these kids up there trying to  take a shoot at you; they think you're some kind of angel."

"Hm? But I am not any kind of angel." She replied. Her voice was very monotone and quiet. 

"Of corse not."

"I'm the student body president."

"And I'm an idiot. I can't believe i fell for that crap. Damnit! Why did i believe her? I don't even remember who I am. I should go to the hospital." I said as i started to walk away

 "There aren't any hospitals." She replied, her back turned towards me. 

"Huh? Why not?"

"Cause no one gets sick." 

"Why not?"

"Cause everyone is dead."

"Huh?" I said as the clouds began to clear. Angel turned around and looked at me. "Oh I get it; you're in this too aren't you! Is that it?!? What the hell is wrong with you people!?! Are you jerk offs responsible for my amnesia too?" 

"Amnesia is quite common here. People hurt in any kind of accident  before coming here often hit their head."

"Then prove it smart-ass! Prove that I'm dead! Prove that I can't die cause I'm already dead!"

Without any  hesitation she wiped out a scythe. She then proceded to stab my heart. I fall down in excruciating pain. I see a pool of blood surrounding my crippled body. I thought this was the end, and everyone here was planing this so then I can die. I black out. But after soon I wake up in a hospital with Darcy and that other kid sounding my hospital bed. I screeched and then lift my shirt to see my wound. It's perfectly healed; there is no mark or anything. "You ok?" said Darcy. Now i am more confused then ever. 








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