Meant to Be

Meant to Be is about a girl named Skylar and her best friend, Julia, going to London and getting an accidental text from Harry Styles. Harry realizes that he loves Skylar's personality and will do anything to meet her until Skylar's dad comes into the picture. Will Skylar's dad let his daughter meet the famous Harry Styles or will he do anything to keep her away from him???


1. The Texts



*Skylar’s P.O.V*



    “I’ve tried playing it cool,” My alarm clock sings. My head bolts right up as I jump out of bed to get ready. I’ve been waiting for this day for soooo long. Today was the day my parents, my best friend, Julia, and I were leaving for our flight to London. Not to long ago my dads best friend gave us his four tickets to see the opening and closing ceremonies of the olympics that meant I would be able to see One Direction perform.

    “Skylar, you almost ready,” My dad shouts up the stairs. I look in the mirror to see a cheerful, wavy brown haired girl, with dark brown eyes staring back. I wouldn’t call myself pretty, but i was decent. Quickly, I grab my one direction sweat shirt and sprint down stairs to go pick up Julia.


~Four hours later~


*Julia’s P.O.V*



    Right away Skylar fell asleep on the plane. Skylar’s mom and dad were sitting behind us watching a movie, and I was super bored. “Bzzz, BZZzz,” Skylar’s purple phone started to vibrate right beside me. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the messages. Skylar never likes it when I read her messages, but I mean come on, I have to look. There’s nothing better to do so I slide open Skylar's phone and read the three unread texts from an unknown number. 

First message: Hey Liam its harry i cant believe both of our numbers slipped out again how do fans find these things out??? Zayn gave me ur new number and this is mine. see ya later at dinner

Second Message: Oops sorry I typed in the wrong number I accidentally did a four instead of a three. Just ignore the last message 

Third Message: Oops, again, cause now u have liams real number since i said a four instead of a three. well ill just have both our numbers changed,AGAIN, its a pain getting our numbers changed all the time. Once again im sorry for bothering you.

OMC!! THE Harry Styles just texted me well not really me since it was Skylar’s phone. I go to shake Skylar awake when I remember that I need to stay completely calm. I’m a true directioner, but I pretend to hate One Direction cause I don’t want to be made fun of by all the boys in school, like Skylar. I slowly calm myself down and shake Skylar awake.





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