Meant to Be

Meant to Be is about a girl named Skylar and her best friend, Julia, going to London and getting an accidental text from Harry Styles. Harry realizes that he loves Skylar's personality and will do anything to meet her until Skylar's dad comes into the picture. Will Skylar's dad let his daughter meet the famous Harry Styles or will he do anything to keep her away from him???


9. The Signing



*Skylar’s P.O.V*



    My mind is blank. I feel so bad for getting Julia’s and I lost, but I tried to get us to the signing. I feel so bad for getting us lost that I dig into my pocket and find some money. I didn’t want to use it, but since we only have one choice I show the money to Julia as she waves down a taxi. Quickly, a taxi pulls over and the two of use hop in, excited for the signing. About 10 minutes go by, and the next thing I know I’m paying the taxi man his money. I’m shaking with happiness as Julia and I run out of the car. “Let’s go,” Julia screams. We run over to a crystal, glass building and see hundreds of girls waiting in line screaming. 

    “Oh My!” I yell over all the noise,” How are we supposed to make it to the boys, explain that were the girls, and have a great time in just...” I look at my watch,”About 40 minutes?!?!” Julia just shook her head and pointed to the back of the line. I sigh as we both lumber to the line, and walk up to a man in black. He was holding a little pad with some words scribbled on it.

    “Hello ladies, Umm what’s your names?” The suited guy in black asked.

    “Well, my name is Skylar and my best friends name is Julia,” I reply in confusion. Why would he need our names? 

     “Woah, Skylar and Julia?” He looked down at his pad one more time then said,”Skylar... umm dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. Yup, it’s you guys. Come with me.” Julia and I started to follow the man through swarms of screaming fans.



*Harry’s P.O.V*



    “This way,” I hear as two beautiful girls walk through the entrance and towards the signing table. I couldn’t believe it I was finally going to meant the most amazayn girls ever. 

    “What should I say???” I think,  but I don’t have any time to answer myself cause Skylar comes walking on over to me.

    “Hey, I’m Skylar,” She says. Her voice is as sweet as flowers. She pulls over a chair next to me, and watches me give hugs and sign stuff to the fans. We start to have a great conversation. Boy, is she nice. I love her!



*Julia’s P.O.V*



    I can’t believe it the boys are standing right in front of me. I’m frozen when Niall comes right up to me, and points to a chair between him and Louis. He must have seen my Niall bracelet that I’m wearing. Skylar never even saw that bracelet. She’s not very observant. I follow Niall towards the empty chair and sit down. I say hi to the rest of the boys and start to talk to Niall for a bit. It’s like he’s a wizard, he’s just melting my heart with his bright blue eyes. I sigh as we stare into eachother’s eyes. He took me to another world in his blue orbs. He’s incredible!



*Skylar’s P.O.V*



    Harry and I are really hitting it off. I love him, and don’t want to leave, but when I glance at my watch my heart skips a beat. A half an hour passed already and that means we only have 10 minutes to get back to the arena. “Sorry Harry, but I have to go before my parents yell at me,” I tell him. I say bye to everyone, grab Julia’s arm, and run towards the street. Julia quickly waves her hand as a taxi pulls over. “Oh gosh,” I think,”Will we be able to make it in time?!?!”




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