Meant to Be

Meant to Be is about a girl named Skylar and her best friend, Julia, going to London and getting an accidental text from Harry Styles. Harry realizes that he loves Skylar's personality and will do anything to meet her until Skylar's dad comes into the picture. Will Skylar's dad let his daughter meet the famous Harry Styles or will he do anything to keep her away from him???


7. Stopped



*Skylar’s P.O.V*



    I sigh as we arrive at the arena. I just finished showing Julia all of my texts and she froze for three minutes. All she kept saying was, “THE Harry Styles likes you?!?!?!” I can’t wait to actually talk to Harry in person, I already have it all planned out. His deep voice piercing through my body while his cheeky smile lightens everything up. UGHHH I can’t wait, hopefully Julia’s plan works out fine. The four of us start walking through the arena. It’s filled with people, and camera flashes lighting everything up. We take our seats, but there’s still about an hour till’ the actual ceremony starts. Why did we have to come so early I think. Julia and I are just sitting next to each other waiting for the right time to make our move and leave.



*Harry’s P.O.V*



    The signing just started, and there’s a huge line of people. All the girls are asking me for kisses and hugs, but I have no choice besides sure. It’s getting annoying, though. About a half an hour passes by when Niall asks me,”I thought two girls were supposed to be coming?” 

    “There coming I answer,”Although for some reason there was an unsteadiness in my voice.



*Julia’s P.O.V*



    Skylar and I are so bored. The signing started about a half hour ago, so we better be leaving soon. I decide it’s a good time to go, so Skylar and I exchange our “Ready” glances. Skylar was planned to do the talking. “Soo mom,dad, Julia and I are kinda bored. Can we walk around for like an hour and visit some shops???” Skylar asks.

    “Sure just don’t miss a lot of the countries. You better be back at least by the I’s.” Skylar’s mom replies. 

    “Ok the I’s,” I think, “That should give us enough time to go to the signing, have some fun, and make it back in time.” Skylar starts to get up so I follow.

    “Be careful!” Skylar’s dad shouts. We both find the entrance to the upper part of the arena where all the shops are. The exit to the whole arena is through some shops so we have to go up there.

    We start to walk through the gate when a cop stops us. “Um...How old are you girls? Underage kids are not allowed to be by themselves within the WHOLE olympic arena. That includes the shops, too.” The cops says. Skylar and I exchange nervous looks, but then I made my face have a calm, serene look to it as I begin speaking.



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