Meant to Be

Meant to Be is about a girl named Skylar and her best friend, Julia, going to London and getting an accidental text from Harry Styles. Harry realizes that he loves Skylar's personality and will do anything to meet her until Skylar's dad comes into the picture. Will Skylar's dad let his daughter meet the famous Harry Styles or will he do anything to keep her away from him???


5. Pouring My Heart Out



*Harry’s P.O.V*



    As were leaving the restaurant I get one final glance at the beautiful girl across the room. I’ve been staring at her, and so far we’ve met eyes a couple of times. She’s just so perfect. I feel like I need to tell her that, but I doubt I’ll ever get the chance to. It’s hard to say this, but I think I may like her more than the girl I’ve been texting. Me and the boys are heading back to our hotel in the limousine when I feel like it’s the perfect time to tell them about the girl I accidentally texted. “Sooo,” I say, ”Today while I was in my room I made a bit of a mistake.”

    Liam, taking charge says, ”Oh gosh Harry...what did you do???”

    “Well,” I continue,”I may have accidentally texted one of our fans and gave her your number, so that means she has yours and mine, but...” I slowly say. The boys all exchange glances and shake their heads wondering how could I’ve possibly done that. 

    “What’s the but,” Niall asks.

    I’m wondering if I should tell them that I kinda have a crush on this girl. I know they would think I’m a psycho, but they deserve to know. I decide I should hold off a bit and maybe tell them later. I continue with the rest of my story and say,”Ummm... I offered her and her friend to come to the signing and hang out with us cause I felt bad for disturbing  and annoying her. That was my way of apologizing for my mistake of texting her.” The truth is I didn’t really feel bad for texting her, in fact, that was the best mistake of my life because I got to meet, well actually text, an extraordinharry girl. I was about to tell them about the other girl at the restaurant, but I thought that wasn’t really important at the moment. It seems like the boys aren’t really mad at me for giving away our numbers because there all joking around having a good time. None of them notice I’m just staring out the window. I’m day dreaming about both girls.


~Two Hours Later~



     I’m laying on my hotel bed thinking about the day, boy was it a great one, when Louis just barges into my hotel room. He plops down right next to me on the bed. “Harry, I’ve noticed somethings been up with you, you just... haven’t been acting like yourself. Even on the way back to our hotel you were just staring out the window.” I can see Louis is really concerned. I mean he’s my best friend I need to tell him something. I’m staring at the ceiling when I slowly start to tell him about the girl I texted and the girl at the restaurant. I tell him about how I think I’m going crazy cause I don’t even know these girls, and how when I was staring outside the window in the limo I was thinking about them. Louis just nods his head as he listens to me pour my heart out. It feels good to tell someone. When I’m all finished Louis simply replies, “I know why you love them. You’ve just had your first case of love at first text and love at first sight.” A big smile appears across my face I don’t know why, but Louis always makes me smile and cheer up. Were both enjoying just laying there when I hear my phone buuuzzz. I grab it and slowly see who the message is from. At the top of the screen it reads: 1 New Message from Mystery Girl.







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