Meant to Be

Meant to Be is about a girl named Skylar and her best friend, Julia, going to London and getting an accidental text from Harry Styles. Harry realizes that he loves Skylar's personality and will do anything to meet her until Skylar's dad comes into the picture. Will Skylar's dad let his daughter meet the famous Harry Styles or will he do anything to keep her away from him???


6. I Know Were Meant to Be



*Skylar’s P.O.V*



   “Uhhh,” I sigh. I’m laying on my pull out couch bed wondering what to do. My parents, who are in another section of our room, are sleeping. I glance over at Julia to see if she’s still awake. Nope, she’s dead asleep. I hear my phone beep telling me that it’s fully charged. I grab my phone and stare at THE Harry Styles number. I still can’t believe my phone ran out of battery at the restaurant. It was the worst time EVER to run out of battery. Now, should text him and tell him it was me, I wonder. I’m debating between telling him or not. Finally, I decide to text him, and tell him about how I saw him in the restaurant. It may be a while till he text’s me back so I put down my phone and day dream about the most perfect day tomorrow.



*Harry’s P.O.V*



    I’m completely dumbfounded as I read the text. “Both girls...are...the same...girl,” I whisper. I look over to Louis to tell him the exciting news when I see he is sound asleep. I decide not to wake him, so I just answer her back. Were having a great conversation. This worked out perfectly because after being in love with two girls I was really only in love with one. As I read her texts my heart melts. I can tell she is a nice, sweet girl. Oh how I love her!

    “Oggg,Oggg,” Louis snores, but then suddenly his eyes pop open. He looks really confused as I shove my phone in his face. He sigh’s as he starts to read the texts.



*Louis’ P.O.V*



    I really don’t want to read the text’s I’m to tired. I know Harry won’t let me leave his room until I do, so I start to read them.

                     Harry’s texts= H           Skylar’s texts= S


S- Hi Harry I need to tell you something. I was the girl with the brown hair and dark brown eyes at the restaurant you went to tonight.

H- :0 You were I can’t believe it... sooo what’s your name

S- Skylar and my best friends name is Julia

H- That’s a beautiful name, love

S- thanks...

H- I really like you

S- Thanks, i like u too

H- <3


    “Harry can I ask you something... you told Skylar you really liked her and sent her a heart...Why?? Shouldn’t you have waited a bit longer to tell her that? She may even have a boyfriend.” I ask.

    “All I know... is that... were meant to be,” Harry simply replies. 

    “I hope they are. Harry really needs to find his girl that’s perfect for him,” I think as I leave his room. I guess we’ll find out if they’re really meant to be tomorrow at the signing. 



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