A Summer To Remember

A One Direction Fan Fiction for the contest please take the time to read i put a lot of work into it!


4. The tour is over.

Niall had told me that the concert we had attended was the last in the tour. I was okay with that because I could spend more time with Niall. He had carried me to the car and I asked him where we were going. "Love, we are going to the beach house. Your friend and the other boys are there. We are only 5 minutes away. He turned on the radio, "What Makes You Beautiful" was playing. "Niall, is it weird hearing yourself on the radio?" "It sort of is. I mean, we are still just normal guys. Who sing."

" I don't think you're normal, I mean... uh. You are special. Your the only guy who doesn't pretend to like me to just break my heart. I li-" I was cut off. "We are here! Isn't it beautiful?" I looked out the window and saw a beautiful place that we could have a lot of fun together in!"

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