A Summer To Remember

A One Direction Fan Fiction for the contest please take the time to read i put a lot of work into it!


6. The next morning.

I woke up in the same position i was in when Niall carried me in. I smelt burnt food and walked out of bed to see what it was. It took me a minute to realize where i was. Then i remembered it was one directions beach house. I went to grab a hoodie but i didn't have any clothes! I went out in the clothes i was wearing. "Good morning sunshine!" Niall said. "Look who decided to get up!" Alyssa said. "Even i get up earlier than that!" Alyssa chuckled. "Well I was very tired from yesterday. I'm still in shock that WE are in One Directions beach house! Cause we are you're biggest fans!" I claimed.

Angie's POV

I mean we really were there biggest fans. I don't know how it all started out but we are!

Im not sure if Niall likes me i think he does because hes so nice to me. Hes hardly around though. I guess you could say I like him. i liked him before i met him and he is my celebrity crush! i wonder how he feels about me!

Niall's POV

Wow! I really like her, and to think we almost cancelled that flight! She's so sweet, and she's a fan. I have always wanted to date a fan. I looked at her and noticed she was in the same clothes as yesterday. "Love, why are you wearing the same clothes as yesterday? I mean you have more right?" "Well, um, no. I don't. My bags were, um, stolen. And i only have enough money for the plane tickets back and some soveniers, no clothes." "We can go shopping then sweets. Wear some of my clothes, they should fit you." "Alright Niall, But you can't walk in to any store the girls are gonna start a mob. there's more fans in London than there are anywhere else!" I have a plan. I always go out in public!

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