A Summer To Remember

A One Direction Fan Fiction for the contest please take the time to read i put a lot of work into it!


5. Summer Fun!

Before I could unbuckle Niall had me out of the car and in his arms. I smiled a big smile. I was in love. We were welcomed by balloons and TONS of food. Niall had said that it was "always" there for fun, but i didn't think so. I got into my bathing suit and Alyssa got in hers. We met the boys on the beach, of course they didn't wait for us to get in the water, but that was okay. Zayn was sitting on a beach towel in the sand... alone. "Whats wrong?" "I can't swim." "It's okay I can teach you, I ca-" "No it's okay I CAN"T swim. I can't." he sighed and I grabbed his hand and pulled him in the water. The other boys looked surprised. '' If you start to feel uncomfortable just go to a place where you can stand, okay?" "I'll try." he said. Niall swam over and asked Zayn what was up. "She is teaching me to swim I'm not scared right now I feel great!" "That's great Zayn. But let the master do the work, babe." Before i know it Zayn was swimming. I went over to Niall and said, "Wow you are great! Master. I feel kind of tired. is there a place i can sleep around here?" he took me into the beach house and laid me down on a bed. "Good night Princess." he winked and the went back out with his friends.

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