A Summer To Remember

A One Direction Fan Fiction for the contest please take the time to read i put a lot of work into it!


2. All packed up!

Me and my friend, Alyssa, met up at the airport. "Are you ready Ange?" "YES!" i screamed rather loudly. She smiled at me. we hopped on our plane being the second ones on after one group. We looked at the people on the plane. It was ONE DIRECTION!!!!! I favorably sat next to Niall, my celeb crush! My friend sat next to me and Harry. I looked at her and all I could say was, " Can you believe it?" "No." she said. Just then my phone rang with my 1D ringtone. Niall looked at me and asked if I was a fan. I told him the whole story, about the fireworks, the text, the envelope, and the concert. He was surprisingly easy to talk to. I found myself telling Niall everything about myself, in fact we had a lot in common! Niall said that he really liked my personality and that he wanted me and my friend to spend the summer with the boys. I asked my friend. And of course we decided to stay! My friend told me that Harry was really into her. I couldn't wait for the summer!

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