A Summer To Remember

A One Direction Fan Fiction for the contest please take the time to read i put a lot of work into it!


1. A Big Suprise

It was my 18th birthday. It was perfect day! My parents had woken me up with fireworks outside my window. I watched in amazement as each one was lit and set off a bang. I was so caught in the moment I almost didn't hear my ringtone, "I Wish," playing. I picked up my phone and read the text from my best friend. It read, "Your parents have a BIG surprise for you! I promised I wouldn't tell though!" I couldn't help but winder what the surprise was! I bolted out of my bed room and down the stairs. "Mom! Dad! What is it? Whats the big surprise?" They said nothing, but my mom slipped me a small envelope that read, "To our Pumpkin," on the back. I opened it up to find 6 slips of paper. I looked closer. Two airplane tickets to... LONDON! I almost screamed but i decided to look at the other tickets. Two front row tickets to a one direction concert and two backstage passes. Then i screamed. My mom looked at me and said "for you and Alyssa." I couldn't believe it they were letting me fly on my own! "You should start packing, the flight leaves tomorrow." my mom said.

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