Its the year 3912. Nikki Jones is an eighteen year old impatient girl who thinks just a bit to much of herself. Julia, Nikki's pointlessly stupid best friend thinks not even the closest bit enough of herself.
Nikki decides to teach Julia how to think and act like she is royalty, whilst Julia feels she owes to teach Nikki how to act like a normal girl once.
Its after a shocking dicovery changes everything that Nikki and Julia's friendship is really put to the test.


3. day three- Nikki

Dear Diary,

Wow. Julia is acting weird, and weirder than before.

I've known her for years, and not once has she acted this way around me. She is acting like I've done something wrong, and she kept saying about this guy who stole money from someone and he went to prison for life?


I get it now.

Julia doesn't want me to take the credit card.

Well, it is a little bit late for that, Julia and I are going into town. Tonight.

Let's just see how she acts.


Love ya even more babez!

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