Its the year 3912. Nikki Jones is an eighteen year old impatient girl who thinks just a bit to much of herself. Julia, Nikki's pointlessly stupid best friend thinks not even the closest bit enough of herself.
Nikki decides to teach Julia how to think and act like she is royalty, whilst Julia feels she owes to teach Nikki how to act like a normal girl once.
Its after a shocking dicovery changes everything that Nikki and Julia's friendship is really put to the test.


4. day four- Julia

Dear Diary,

We went into town last night, she took the card and she bought nearly everything in LIZZIE.

I feel so bad, but in a way, I wish I was her a little. She gets everything she ever wanted, and nothing bad happens to her for it?

The last thing I wanted that I got when it wasn't my birthday, was when I asked Mum for a new A- pad, and she got me a book. A- pad's are the cheapest technological pad you can get, Nikki has TWO E-pad's, and they are like #6,000,000 hayuna's each!

Actually, I've been spending enough time thinking low of myself. I never get any new clothes so I go out in the same tatty old red fleece and faded blue jeans nearly every day. I never wear make- up, so? That doesn't make me bad, right?

I NEVER look good. NEVER. Wow, I need to freshen up my look. With a little help from Nikki.

I wish I was her.


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