Its the year 3912. Nikki Jones is an eighteen year old impatient girl who thinks just a bit to much of herself. Julia, Nikki's pointlessly stupid best friend thinks not even the closest bit enough of herself.
Nikki decides to teach Julia how to think and act like she is royalty, whilst Julia feels she owes to teach Nikki how to act like a normal girl once.
Its after a shocking dicovery changes everything that Nikki and Julia's friendship is really put to the test.


5. day five- Nikki

Morning Diary!

It is really early, ten AM. I couldn't sleep, and Miss. Merana, our maid, is still in bed, so I just went for an early morning swim in the auto pool. It is really cool.

We got the pool fixed a couple of weeks ago, so now when the floor goes down under- ground, water just fills up the hole its made and it turns into a swimming pool. I opened up the mago slide too, its new aswell. You just take a little yellow pocket size box and lay it agaisnt a wall and hit a red button on it and it turns into a large twisty slide. I love it so much.

I sgtayed in the pool for a couple of hours, and I got a text from Julia, saying she needed help looking and feeling better. By that all she means is she wanted to change her image, I think.

What image did she want? She was already pretty and down- to- Earth. No wonder people liked her more than they liked all us rich people. Not that she's too poor. She just doesn't buy much, and she wears the same clothes, and no make- up. She doens't have a pool or anything. Maybe she wanted to change, I want to change.

I do love my life with all the riches and everything but I've realised people use me for money and all that. They befriend Julia because she's generally nice!

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