Its the year 3912. Nikki Jones is an eighteen year old impatient girl who thinks just a bit to much of herself. Julia, Nikki's pointlessly stupid best friend thinks not even the closest bit enough of herself.
Nikki decides to teach Julia how to think and act like she is royalty, whilst Julia feels she owes to teach Nikki how to act like a normal girl once.
Its after a shocking dicovery changes everything that Nikki and Julia's friendship is really put to the test.


1. day one- Nikki

Dear diary,

It  has been two whole days since I have gone shopping and I will not stand for it. Jasmin said to meet her there, because there has been a mega sale on in LIZZIE and it is so not fair if I don't get my new jacket and boots by the end of the holidays! I need some new clothes to wear to school, too. I'll just die if I look bad, but wait ,I never look bad, I have most of all the brilliant new clothes in every fashionable shop and most bits of make- up from 309 street. I have decided to not get as much for my birthday this year. I am going to have to suffer with two E- pad's and one Bold 45609, the worlds greatest techy phone.

Why can't my parents have jobs that earned at least double the amount of money they get now?!?! If Mum had been an actress or a singer instead of a designer, maybe I would be going to a private school, not stupid Lay Waters. And maybe if Dad had been an actor, too, instead of this lawyer job he's got. Okay, fair enough for him, he is a bit world- famous, and Mum's clothes have been sold everywhere in the world...

But anyway, Diary, I have decided maybe just to sneak out Mum's credit card from her purse? I mean, I already know the code, and she didn't say I couldn't use it... And, like she said, she didn't want her daughter going out like a state, right?

Her purse is downstairs in the drawer, if I could just get it one day when she wasn't looking, I could take the money out of the bank and get straight down to LIZZIE's and get all my Summer clothes and school clothes!! Yes, that's just what I'll do!

No, I am NOT a thief.

Love ya. 

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