This Summer

This story is about 2 normal girls who end up getting "kidnapped" by One Direction! It actually seems like a dream come true but, all thing must come to a end, right?

We would just like to say that nothing in this story is true except are names.


6. The Fall

After Ammarah took her shower she came in to the room and saw that Niall was still there which surprised her since he was usually eating around now. Ammarah went over to purse and reached in for the phone but, it wasn't there but then, she looked out the window and saw her phone. "how the did you get out there?" she wandered then not thinking she didn't realize she was only wearing a towel and went out on the roof to get it but, her foot slipped and she was hanging on to the gutter of the roof and her towel feel to the ground but, that was the least of her worries. If she fell it would be at least 25 feet. She screamed "Help!" Niall woke up and ran over to the window to see Ammarah naked hanging from the roof. He jumped out the window and carefully slid down the roof he grabbed her arm and tied to pull her up but, her hands were to slippery and she fell. Lucky for her she landed in a pile of leaves. Nial ran off the roof. Niall yelled for everybody while he ran down stairs. When he got to her he wrapped the towel around her and carried her to the car and Niall, Arianna, and Zayn went to take Ammarh to the hospital. The doctor said that Ammarah's leg was broken. They had ran out of wheel chairs and crutches that morning so Niall had to carry her every where. When they got home they explained everything to Harry, Louis, and Liam. Louis said "what kind of hospital runs out of wheel chairs and crutches?!" Niall said "we know Louis, we know." Niall and Arianna took her upstairs and then left Ammarah to rest.
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