This Summer

This story is about 2 normal girls who end up getting "kidnapped" by One Direction! It actually seems like a dream come true but, all thing must come to a end, right?

We would just like to say that nothing in this story is true except are names.


12. The Explanations!

The next morning Ammarah woke up and noticed that she was sleeping in Niall's room. She didn't see Niall, so she got off the bed carefully and tripped over Niall and fell on him. Niall woke up and noticed Ammarah on him and said "What are you doing?" Then Ammarah replied by saying "Nothing i just tripped and fell on you , I swear!" Then louis walks in and sees whats going on and he smirks at them. Then Niall and Ammarah quickly get up and try to explain what happened but Louis walks away with a smirk on his face. Then Niall carries Ammarah downstairs where everyone else is. They all discussed about who could have done kidnapped Harry and tried and did hurt Ammarah. Then everyone started staring at Ammarah. Ammarah ;asked "What are you starring at?!"  Liam says "Well, do you know anyone from your past that doesn't like you?" Ammarah said "No." An hour later they got a call from the police station saying to come down to the police station. When they got there Ammarah saw Nick and asked Niall if she could go back home and when they got back home Ammarah grabbed Arianna's hand and took her to their room and Ammarah locked the door and said "Ari, he's back! It's Nick from 8th grade! He's back to get revenge on me! What should i do!? I'm really really scared!" Ammarah started hypervenalating and Arianna said " Are you sure!? Cuz he moved a long while after what happened with you and him?" Ammarah yelled "Yes, i'm sure of it!" Then they heard a knock on the door, it was Niall he said "Ammarah? Are you in there?" Ammarah wiped her tears and said "Yeah, one sec!" She opened the door and he came in then Arianna left. Niall said "Whats wrong? Are you okay? and why did u suddenly decide to leave when you saw that guy Nick?" Ammarah said "I was just tired and im okay now! Really!" That night Ammarah slept in her room. She was sobbing into her pillow until Niall came in and sat beside her. He put his arms around her and said " Are you ok?"  Ammarah started crying even more! Niall stared into her eyes and saw that she was really scared. "Shhhh, calm down. just breathe and tell me whats wrong. Ok?!" He said concerned! Ammarah slowly stopped her crying and told him what happened. She said "Well nick use to be a guy in my 8th grade class and one day we had to do a science project together, so i went back to my house with him to start on the project. When we got there, we went up into my room and he locked the door with out me knowing. We started on doing our project. Then he asked me if i wanted to go out with him, I said no and he got a little angry then he pinned me against the wall and I told him that he was hurting me. He said good and that I hurt him the same way by not going out with him. I started screaming and he stopped me by kissing me. Then I tried to stop it but i couldn't so i kicked him and he got angry and he let go of me. I tried to run to the door then he stopped me again and threw me on the floor really hard and i dislocated my shoulder. I started screaming and yelling for my mum and dad. They got there and tried to open the door but it was locked. Then Nick covered my mouth and tried to rape me but my dad slammed the door and it fell open. Nick quickly jumped out of the window yellin that he will get his revenge on me!" Niall just stared at her and said "Nothing will hurt you ever again." Ammarah then said "But, im scared!" then she started hypervenalating again. Then Niall sung Ammarah a song to calm her down and she drifted off to sleep in Niall's arms!

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