This Summer

This story is about 2 normal girls who end up getting "kidnapped" by One Direction! It actually seems like a dream come true but, all thing must come to a end, right?

We would just like to say that nothing in this story is true except are names.


10. Psycho

After all that Niall made sure he watched Ammarah but, then they heard a loud noise that sounded similar to a gun shot so, they all ran outside and not thinking they forgot Ammarah and since she was asleep she didn't even know! While they were outside Harry snuck in the room and put tape over Ammarah's mouth that was when she woke up but, it was to late the tape was on already he laughed at her venerability and carried her to the basement. Niall then relized he left Ammarah he ran inside with everyone he yelled "She isn't here!" they all started looking for her. Arianna started screaming but, Zayn ran over to her and pushed her hair out of her face with his gentle fingers and pressesd his soft lips against hers and said "Don't worry we will find her." Harry comes upstairs without anyone seeing and says "Maybe she is outside" Liam suggested. None of them were thinking straight so they said "Ok! Let's go!" but, Arianna wanted to stay in case Ammarah came back or called. Arianna went upstairs to see if Ammarah had sent a text and she did and it said "Help! Harry locked me in the basement!" So, Arianna got the closet thing she saw which was a bat and went downstairs but, she had to go past the kitchen to get to the basement and Harry was in the basement. Harry saw Arianna and said "Where are you going with the bat?" Arianna said "To play Baseball." Harry qustioned her and said "While your friend is missing?" "Well it calms my nerves" Arianna quickly replied. "Well, don't forget the baseball." Arianna didn't want Harry to figure out she was trying to save Ammarah so she went to get the baseball but, when she turned around Harry was shuting the door and Arianna  ran for the door but, it was to late. Then harry goes back downstairs and sees Ammarah texting he takes away her phone and when she tried to get it back she fell on the floor and was no longer on the couch. In the meanwhile Arianna texts Zayn to come home and that Ammarah is locked in the basement. Then in the basement, Harry jumped on ammarah's cast and Ammarah screamed and started crying. Harry pins Ammarah on to the wall really hard and starts kissing her then Ammarah kicks him where it hurts. Harry lets go, Ammarah fell on the floor but, she saw tea on the coffe table so she threw the tea at Harry and his face started dripping like it was a mask. Harry got angry. So then, Harry put tape on her mouth, her hands and then he took her cast off. He jumped on her broken, castless leg really hard. Ammarah screams and cries soo much. Then harry jumped on it a few more times her leg even more! Then he heard the door. He quickly put tape on her legs and ran out the back door in the basement. The guys came in and saw Ammarah all taped up. They were standing there in shock while Ammarah was crying. Then niall took the tape off her face. Ammarah starts crying even more. " Shhhhh, it'll be ok. Dont cry! It's alright." Niall says while taking the tape off her hands and legs.When the tape was all off her she started crying even more and Niall put Ammarah against his chest and her head was on his shoulder. Everyone else just stood there in shock of what just happened. Niall carried Ammarah upstairs.

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