This Summer

This story is about 2 normal girls who end up getting "kidnapped" by One Direction! It actually seems like a dream come true but, all thing must come to a end, right?

We would just like to say that nothing in this story is true except are names.


4. Kidnaped

Arianna woke up to the sound of screaming, she looked next to her to see Ammarah. Ammarah grabbed Arianna and said "Where the hell are we?!" Arianna scared and confused but, still tired got up thinking it was a joke looked around and didn't recognize the room which terrified her. Then 5 guys came running in the room and yelled "Calm down!" The room was so dark you couldn't see any of them but, there voices did sound familiar. Ammarah screamed "Help us! Help us!" One of the 5 came over to Ammarah and kneeled down by her and told her "Calm down hun it's okay and we will explain everything if you would just stop screaming." Arianna pushed him away from her and screamed "Why did you have to kidnap us phyco paths?!" One of the 5 then said "If you would please be quiet darlin we could explain!" Arianna screamed "Then explain and turn on the light" The tallest of the 5 guys ran and turned on the light. "Oh my god!" Arianna yelled Then Ammarah said " One Direction kidnapped us!" But, why?" Niall then said "well, we needed a editor and a stylist." Arianna said "Wait, so you kidnapped us because you need us to help you well, when your being arrested I will be sure to explain that!" Zayn quickly replied with "Don't worry your parents know. I wanted to ask but, Harry wanted to "kidnap" you and your parents didn't seem to mind. "Oh well, when you put it that way" Arianna sarcasticly said. Zayn said "How about we just give you a tour of this place?" Ammarah said "What ever." "Okay, let's go" Niall exclaimed and grabbed Ammarah's hand then Zayn grabbed Arianna's hand and they gave the girls a tour then they had a very awkward dinner. Harry ran over to the 2 girls and said "So, which of you lucky ladies will be sleeping with me tonight?" "In your dreams" Arianna and Ammarah said together then, laughed. Arianna and Ammarah knew they had to stay together so, they did. Their room was huge. The room had a floor that felt like a cloud and the wall was filled with pictures of the 5 guys "Well, someone is a little self absorbed." Arianna said and Ammarah laughed. There were 3 televisions, 4 shelves filled with books and a enormous closet probably as big as the bed which was a king sized bed. The bed had a gorgeous, fluffy blanket and the pillows felt like marshmallows! They fell asleep in minutes!
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