This Summer

This story is about 2 normal girls who end up getting "kidnapped" by One Direction! It actually seems like a dream come true but, all thing must come to a end, right?

We would just like to say that nothing in this story is true except are names.


8. Home Sick

Niall went to check on Ammarah and found her crying in the bedroom "he ran to her and said "what's wrong?" She cried out "I miss my family especially my Dad!" Don't worry I can take you to see him now if you want!" Niall reassured her. "He died in a car accident." she cried. "Oh I am so sorry" Niall said. Ammarah mumbled "it's not your fault" "Well, I can take you to see your other family members! Everyone gets home sick at times" and Ammarah smiled and said "I would love too!" So, Niall took Ammarah to see her family and Zayn thought that was such a good idea he asked Arianna "would you like to go to she you family and she screamed "Of course! Yes! Yes! Yes!" So, they did too. The 2 girls had fun seeing there family again Arianna had missed her little sister so much even though her sis was 14 she still wanted to take care of her as if she was a toddler and she missed her Dad so much she talked to her sister and Dad for hours and hours. Arianna asked Zayn "can we make the visits more often" and he said "Of course! Why not?" So when ever Arianna went to see her family which was usually once a week Ammarah would see her family. It made both of them way happier to see there family.

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