Witch Weeps

A lost love


1. Witch Weeps


How the witch doth weep.

Emerald hues stare out upon nothing.



 Longing for warmth, that naught cometh.

 With unfeeling azure hues, he looks through her as if she is not there.

Talking at her, naught to her, as if a pet to vent to.

She cares for him as if his mate, but a servant she only be.

 Her love for him runneth deep, as her need to care for him.

He sees not her love, only a concubine to pity and control.

 Rejected and left out at his every turn, when she longs to be included.

 Approval, acceptance, and most importantly love tis all she longs for from him.

 Naught money nor wealth nor jewels does she seek.

Just that, that one possesses and freely can give to another.

Little does he know, she would sell her soul for one honest, heartfelt 'I love you'.

The witch doth weep for the man whom stole and broke her heart.

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